Meditation: Creating a Peaceful Mind to Calm a Chaotic Life    

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A very long time ago, meditation was used to help people to realize their spirituality and to try to open up their understanding. It is still used in this way but as you are new to it, I feel that it will be helpful for you to learn a little of the background behind the practice of meditation, as well as learning what it’s all about. Only then can you put your best effort into it. You see, people misunderstand what it is that they are supposed to do and while you are concentrating too hard on the practice of meditation, you may actually be stepping away from what meditation is all about. It’s not about trying. It’s about being.
In that moment when you are able to meditate, you allow your mind to reach to new heights. You may have experienced something like meditation and not been aware of the similarity although this book will explain that, so that you recognize when you are gaining from your practice, instead of feeling that you are not learning in the early stages of meditation. The trick is to accept your state, rather than try and change it. You will understand more about that as I walk you through the steps that take you into meditation and a better understanding of self.

Here is a Sample of What you will Learn

  • Where it all Began
  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • Preparing to Meditate
  • Quietening the Mind
  • Learning Inner Peace
  • Breathing Techniques

Run: Your Bad Habits Away Beginner Running Guide From 0-5k And Beyond    

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Use These Powerful Training Techniques To Master Your First 5k Run Or to Get back on Track With Your Fitness. Get Fit And Healthy

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Running is one of the best ways to get fit, strong and healthy. For one, it's probably the most practical form of meaningful regular exercise because all you need are a good pair of running shoes and socks, a good pair of running shorts, a good quality running shirt and road! You can also do it practically anytime and anywhere, as roads are open 24/7! You also don't have to wait until other people are ready and available to do your regular runs because running is an individual sport. In fact, running with your buddies may even be an unwanted distraction, unless you and your friends are disciplined enough to focus on the running part more than on the social interaction part. And the best part of it all, at least for me, is the increased levels of happy hormones called endorphins. Running regularly helps you have more of them and, as a result, you feel much happier most of the time. It's like being on happy drugs - the natural, safe and legal way! 
In other words, you won't have any excuse not to get fit and healthy through regular running

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • The Habit Factor
  • Training For Results
  • Injury Free Training
  • Nutrition
  • 12 Week Training Plan
  • And Much, much more!

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Great Guide for Beginners or People getting back into Running
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Life, Story and a Smile

Life, Story and a Smile is a collection of poems, short stories and anecdotes which explores the ups and downs of life, a story that is designed to challenge how a person views all forms of emotional experiences in their life. A book which will help you realise your own sense of worth via an unorthodox yet respectful perspective of real issues you will discover in your life.
This book was designed to help both the ones who want a reminder that they are never alone in the fight against the world and a message to the world that every person is different regardless of how they look or act. Your own individual actions dictate an impression not your looks because you will be remembered by how you impacted others beyond your aesthetical beauty.
From the beginning of the day to the last hour of the day, this book will cover your curiosity and challenge what you consider normal in your life and view situations from another’s perspective. This book will cover perspectives such as love, personal growth and hardship.
If my words can make at least one person smile then I would have consider the book a success as a percentage of profits from the book will be going towards a charity to continue the flow-on effect of positivity through, not just words, but actions.
Please enjoy what my book has to offer you and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours should it enlighten your perspective on something which is troubling you currently.

Horror Stories: Terrifyingly Real Stories of Unsolved Cases – True Horror and Chilling Murders      

Discover disturbing and bizarre murders and disappearances that still remain unsolved!

Warning: All of the stories in this book have been verified as TRUE! These are not hoaxes – they are backed up by FACTS. Warning: may be disturbing for some!
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Discover freakish, unsolved cases in Hannah J. Tidy’s Horror Stories: Terrifyingly Real Stories ofUnsolved Cases. All of these cases remain unsolved mysteries that continue to intrigue and perplex us.
In this new edition, Horror Stories by Hannah J. Tidy, you’ll discover a very disturbing incident that occurred in a girl scout camp.
Here’s an excerpt from the book:
Girl Scout Slayings- Most will agree that nothing is quite as horrific as when grievous harm comes to children. Unfortunately, we are all too aware that there are some individuals out there who make it their mission in life to hurt the little ones.
These inhuman deeds are made even worse when the culprit remains beyond the reach of justice. One such tragedy shocked Mayes County, Oklahoma on June 13, 1977. The girls were staying at camp along with many other children and camp personnel. One night, a counselor was suddenly awakened by strange screams, the likes of which she had never heard before. The counselor later described the sound as an unidentified animal resembling some kind of a cross between a bullhorn and a frog. The woman proceeded outside to investigate with a flashlight. The low, disturbing sound continued, stopping only when she would flash the light. After the noise stopped and nothing out of the ordinary could be seen, the counselor decided to go back to sleep. What she discovered the next morning would change her life forever. As she approached the children’s tents… Download to get the whole story!
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The Mark of Wu

Hidden Paths, the first novel in The Mark of Wu series, opens in 519 B.C. as the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty devolves toward the Warring States Period.
The Emperor’s grip on the feudal States is over. Brutal rivalries, both new and old, now rule, and military clashes lay waste to those who are unprepared. Some men are driven by pure evil, and States either gain power or die.
A State of Chu soldier, Yuan, stands on his chariot, reining in his spirited team of horses, anxious for a chance to unleash his rage on the invading Wu barbarians in the battle before him.

NATIVE (Manifest Destiny): The struggle for survival begins. A tribe. A culture. Mother Earth.

Barnes and Noble     

A moment in time in what was possibly the most sustained, systematic, state sponsored ethnic cleansing ever undertaken; perpetrated by the United States government on its own soil.

The first book in a dramatic fictional trilogy set in the old west. Takoda, a young Lakota warrior, is compelled to fight for his life after his father is killed in a hunting accident, facing murderous beaver trappers and brutal treatment at the hands of a ruthless band of buffalo hunters. However, his future is to become defined by the dark influence of Theodore Winthrop, a Minnesotan senator who wants to rid the plains of the native tribes. Takoda’s survival depends on a chance encounter with a wagon train, where he meets Carla Kopp, with whom he is destined to unveil the scope of Winthrop’s political and military subterfuge, a plan to steal four hundred million dollars in gold, and strategies designed to challenge the Lakota’s very existence.

The Historical Novel Society review:
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Taken By the Boss (Erotic Short Story)   

Claudia is used to getting her way. When she fears that all her tactics will be overlooked by the one guy she wants, she decides maybe she needs to look elsewhere. To her excitement she finds that her boss feels the same way and he will do anything she asks to fulfill her needs as long as she doesn't tell his wife.

Short story, erotica, adult annotations, Approximately 2100 words.

Unbreakable: 7 Rock Solid Habits to Your Perfect Weight and a Healthier Lifestyle: No Willpower Required!


What if there was a not so obvious secret guaranteed to transform any area of your life, easier and faster than you ever thought possible?
The key to losing weight, increasing energy, getting better sleep and managing stress is understanding how habits work. With Unbreakable you will be able to implement new habits into your life immediately. You’ll learn strategies for dealing with temptation without having to rely on willpower. This book is a definitive source for building habits that stick.
If you’ve ever struggled with food, diets or your weight then Unbreakable is your guidebook for life. Imagine if you could find yourself eating and living healthier effortlessly, without the struggle and without obsessing over every little thing you pop into your mouth.
In Unbreakable, Culinary Nutrition Expert Trudy Stone reveals the 7 most effective habits for achieving long-term weight management and health. These are the same habits that helped her to lose 30 lbs and keep it off. Use these seven habits, and you win - BIG TIME. Neglect them, and life will be a never-ending cycle of dieting, exhaustion and lack of motivation. With straightforward and easy to apply tips, Unbreakable will teach you rock solid habits to make real, lasting change in your life without deprivation and relying on willpower.
Trudy Stone is a certified culinary nutrition expert, speaker and the founder of Eat Live and Play. She self-hacked her own mind and body to lose 30lbs and now helps other women do the same.
Through her one-on-one coaching and online programs, she’s passionate about empowering women to build healthier habits, increase their confidence, and take the confusion out of healthy living.

The Real News: A Tweet For Trump   

Donald Trump is the 45th, and current, United States President. His roots began in Queens, New York, but he had his sights on much more. During his younger years, Trump graduated Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania earning an economics degree. He followed in the footsteps of his grandmother and father in running the familiy's real estate company. He renamed this company The Trump Organization. He has co-authored several books and he was a producer for the reality TV show, The Apprentice. Trump also owned the Miss Universe and Miss USA beauty pageants from 1996 until 2015. Wait. There's more. Trump won the 2016 general election against Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States of America. His win broke records in America's history. He is the oldest and wealthiest person to ever fill the role of the President of the United States. We have three more years. What will they have in store for us?

The Art of Coaching High School Tennis 2nd Edition: 88 Tips, Tricks, Skills and Drills for a Magical Season     

Do You Want To Save 30 Years of Learning to Coach a Tennis Team the Hard Way?
Bill Patton has close to 30 years experience of coaching and has learned from the mistakes of others a well.  This A to Z guide can save you many years of trouble, and make help you guide your program well from the beginning, give you a refreshed mindset, or help you make some changes in the program to keep it fresh and exciting.  
88 short chapters are easy to read in a few minutes and can give you the nugget of truth you need for today, and an idea to chew on to make your own. Bill doesn't claim to have all the answers, and doesn't advise everyone to do it his way, but he does raise the issues so you can think about them ahead of time and have a course of action. 
Skills, Drills, Tips and Tricks for a Magical Season!  
Feel free to reach out

Scipio Rules: Book Five of the Scipio Africanus Saga (Author Interview)

Scipio Rules, looks like part of a great series. How many books total do you have planned in the series?

There are six books in the series, the final one will be out on August 1, 2018.

What do you think makes a great war/historical fiction type book?

You have to personalize the battles. Instead of "zooming out" and reporting on the wars as conflicts between large groups of people, you have to describe the battles from the perspective of one or two combatants at ground level-- what they see, and feel, and do. That's what makes the battles more realistic.

What inspired you when writing Scipio Rules?

My inspiration was that I was writing a unique story about a unique person. There is no series about the man that military scholars consider as one of the five or six greatest generals in history--greater than Caesar or Napoleon! A man who revolutionized warfare, and changed the course of civilization. I think that's worth writing about, don't you?

What are your ambitions for your writing career? Full time? Part time?

I'm sixty-eight years old, so I'll be writing part time from now on.

Next up is a dystopian detective series I'm calling the Ghostman Chronicles, featuring Ghostman, Slither, and the Reactionary (among others). It will be fun to jump into some sci-fi/fantasy after all this ancient history!

Sound of Tears in the Rain          

Have you ever read a story, so emotional, so deep, it's like traveling to another world, to another culture where life has little meaning? This story will hook you from the start!  A real pageturner. That story is Sound of Tears in the Rain.

Sound of Tears in the Rain is Bey-Ama’s powerful and heartfelt story about her struggles and survival. It is the compelling chronicle of her life’s journey, which began on the Ivory Coast of West Africa, where she was born. This inspiring story will take you through France and onto the United States of America. Her perseverance, her refusal to give up despite the unseemly odds by having faith in God and her belief in herself gave her the courage to stay strong. As we live our lives from day to day, we often find incredible stories that touch our hearts and open our eyes. Bey-Ama wants to remind readers that there was a time when the rules of life were distorted, especially growing up in Africa in a time era where rules didn’t apply. Her story is about the strength through courage, and survival through fear. Bey-Ama’s story makes you wipe your tears as you smile. Her story should be told, she shares with you her journey in a time that has been forgotten, but has left scars that she will carry a lifetime, one generation will relate to the next as you read, no other story is the same as this. Bey-Ama’s story has your total undivided attention. It’s called Sound of Tears in the Rain.

Love Begins With You (Leading With Love Book 1)     

This first book in the Leading with Love series, Love Begins With You, offers tried and true principles that you can use to increase the quality of all your relationships. You will nuture and grow loving relationships, strengthen secondary relationships & learn to love yourself while developing your inner- love values. Love is at our core. If you put into practice the things Elizabeth Bourgeret inspires within you, you can't help but prosper in a more positive, joyful, happy and satisfying life. If you do not feel you have all the love you need, or are looking to the world to fill that need, you will soon discover that the more you give, the more you can receive because, love begins with you.

Elizabeth Bourgeret is an author, speaker, life coach and award-winning creator of the Total Truth for Teen Workshop and the Leading With Love Series. 

A beach girl at heart, she is constantly trying to out run cold weather as she is happily living out her dream of traveling and writing, stopping in the state of choice to discover all that it has to offer.

She loves teaching workshops, working with kids, helping other authors reach their dreams and creating new stories with vibrant characters that will touch your heart.
She still believes that love conquers all and is on the mission to give away as much as possible as she moves about and interacts with others.

When she’s not behind the computer or in front of an audience, you can usually find her out of doors, near the ocean or some form of water, or embracing her full-on tourist-nerd; visiting any and all tourist traps that catch her attention. A “forever student”, she is always seeking and learning from each and every adventure put in front of her.
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