Finding Sgt. Kent (Publication Review)

Finding Sgt. Kent
HUGEOrange Publication Review, Five Stars

Finding Sgt. Kent is a story about Robert Kent who finds that leaving military service in war-torn Afghanistan is not quite the relief and new beginning it should have been.  The book opens with him spending pointless days in a VA inpatient unit for soldiers with PTSD and other issues. After fruitless sessions with the doctor trying to help him, he finally agrees to discover how his life has led up to his dissatisfaction and angst. He sets out to discover who his father was, a man he never met and never discussed much with his late mother. The doctor feels that discovering more about himself and his origins may help him adjust better into regular civilian life. But he emerges from the hospital with a changed vision of life, country and himself.
I didn’t trust the scan codes in the grocery store, the few people on the bus at night who looked at their shoes, people who wouldn’t look you in the eye. The headline on the magazines at the checkout, the stories about Afghanistan on the radio, all full of spin that the country was growing ever more democratic, ready to sit at the table with the grownups. Every day the Taliban murdered more people. If you couldn’t hold a truth in your hand, like a bullet, it didn’t exist. You couldn’t trust anything.
Although PTSD drives the story, it is not the full story. Robert has to confront his past and accept who his father was to move forward with his life. He encounters some truly awful people who just reinforce his outlook and hone his anti-social viewpoint further. And his self-preservation and defensive instincts are always at the surface, influencing and flavoring his every move.

My Unicorn Coloring Book (Author Interview)

My Unicorn Coloring Book looks like a wonderful coloring book for ages up to eight.  Any plans to release similar themed coloring books?
You’ll find several of my book catered to kids and unicorns, simply search Mya Lee Coloring Books on Amazon to see all of them.  I should have about 5 books by 4-15-2019.

What type of elements are on the pages for kids to draw?
There are a lot of fun pictures to color and the degree of difficulty is super simple to easy.

What inspired you when creating My Unicorn Coloring Book?
My kids love unicorns and I do too so I thought why not share my passion with everyone.

When did you decide to create My Unicorn Coloring Book?
I was sitting down with my kids on their kiddy table coloring and my 4 year old wanted to color a unicorn…I didn’t have a unicorn coloring book so I drew several designs quickly…at the time I saw how engaged and excited my kid was at coloring so that’s when I had the idea to create unicorn coloring books for all kids to enjoy.

When creating My Unicorn Coloring Book did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  Not really,  the designs are cute and simple….and super fun and easy to color.

How did you come up with the concepts and drawings in My Unicorn Coloring Book?  I drew about 200 designs and my kids and I selected the best ones to share with the world.

What do you like to do when not creating coloring books?
Playing and traveling with my kids.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

In the future you can look me up on Instagram and facebook “MyaLeeColoring”.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection Manual (Author Interview)

Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection Manual looks like a wonderful car buying guide.  Any plans to release similar vehicle guides? We would like to. Since we are active inspectors, most of our day is spent at repair facilities and dealerships. If time permits we would like to provide the public with more useful information.

What will readers get out of your guide? Readers will get several techniques and procedures that professional inspectors use on a daily basis. I am fortunate to have a background as a technician and as an inspector. This is important because sometimes technicians and inspectors look at vehicles in a different way; especially when it comes to finding previous body work, water damage, etc.

What inspired you when writing Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection Manual? I would say years and years of hearing not so good stories on used vehicle buying experiences. That is not to say that every pre-owned purchase experience is negative. There are some good dealerships (and individual owners) who are on the up and up when it comes to selling vehicles. Unfortunately, there are just as many negative experiences.

When did you decide to become a writer? I would say, within the last three to four years. Mainly after speaking with people who bought cars that turned out to be less than desirable.

I would sometimes meet people after they purchased a pre-owned vehicle. Some were fortunate to purchase a vehicle that was in decent condition, while others were not so lucky. In addition, I met a lady several years ago who said she would prefer to buy a used car, but did not know how to go about it. We figured that we could share some of the techniques and procedures that we use in the field.

When writing Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection Manual did anything stand out as particularly challenging? Trying to get across certain inspection procedures in a simplistic way. That is one of the reasons we added multiple ways or techniques to find previous body repairs, water damage, engine issues, etc.

How did you come up with the concepts and ideas in Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection Manual? I spent ten years as Mercedes Benz Technician. I had additional experience with BMW, Jaguar and (smaller amount) Porsche. For the past 19 years or so I have been a vehicle inspector. This includes end of lease, mechanical breakdown, engine performance, lemon car and pre-purchase inspections. Over the years you develop different ways of detecting or noticing certain issues. Not to mention, I was fortunate enough to attend some really good training over the years. In addition, I also received really good training and tips from the technicians who gave me my start in the business.

The Choice (Author Interview)

The Choice looks like a great inspirational work of fiction.  Any plans to make it into a series?

I don’t want to write never-ending series without a profound message, that’s why I'd rather put everything into one book that is well worth the wait. As I have been working on it for years, I am sure that I’ve done my work properly. On the other hand, I didn’t feel that the subject in The Choice was closed for me. Because of that I have been working for the last six years on my third book called Revolution which will provide a similar subject, but with a new concept, style of writing and characters. One thing remains the same – you will feel that you are there, you will think that you are the main character. I may not win any Nobel prizes for literature this year, but I can promise you that you won’t stop thinking about this story long afterwards.

What do you think makes a great inspirational work of fiction?

If you want to inspire others you need to squeeze everything out of yourself. They have to feel that you truly gave them your all at that time. You need to dig deep into your own personality, fight your biggest fears and show your biggest dreams. People just have to feel that you are there with them, and they are actually having a conversation with you.

You became a full-time writer just seven months ago. What are your next plans?

I want to introduce The Choice to the rest of the world. There is a beautiful message which can help lots of people out there in the same way as it did in my country. We all deserve to be happy. Of course, I am writing new stories. I can’t imagine my life without that. This year I will be starting my fourth book.

When did you decide to become a writer?

When I was a child, I loved stories, always was dreaming about something and wanted to share it with others, but I didn’t know at that time how to do it. When I grew up, I started to read books about personal growth, spirituality and happiness, and I realized that my parents didn’t tell me a lot of things. After school I started my blog, where I wrote 100+ articles in five years. In 2011 the inspiration for my first novel came to me. It was a very strong and strange feeling, so many ideas, that I had to start writing The Choice immediately. Now I know that writing is the best way to connect to my soul and share it with others. I am sure that everyone has their own unique way to communicate like this.

BLISS PURE FOODS (Author Interview)

Bliss Pure Foods looks like a fantastic recipe book for healthy living.  Any plans to make it into a series or write similar books? 
Yes I have the intentions to continue writing and combine my years of experiences in arts, education, spiritual food making and life coaching as one. I love continual learning and multi disciplinary education. I believe LIFE is abundance and within that abundance is a field of great possibilities where anything is possible.

What do you think makes a great health/recipe book? 
Handmade. Plant based. Natural. Colorful. Free from mad intentions. I believe these are the basics of what healthy recipes should be. 

What inspired you when writing Bliss Pure Foods?
When BLISSPUREFOODS was being written, my dad and spiritual teacher passed away last year in April and November. Bliss pure foods was created with the intention to support people in healthy living as well as share the message of ahimsa (non violence). While writing the work, the constant dedicating of merits to them and all beings kept me going. Though they are no longer around, I also wish for the goodness of this work to be of benefit to all my sentient parents. I am happy that I rode above my grief and completed the book. I knew it was my passion and also strong wish to share bliss and happiness through healthy food making that kept me relentlessly moving onward.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time? 
I wish that I will always be happy with what I do and share this inner bliss with people whom I will meet, connect and know along the way. 

When did you decide to become a writer? 
I didn’t decide to be a writer. I felt it was what I was guided to do. Writing starting for me when I was 19 at Scarborough Beach in Perth. 

When writing Bliss Pure Foods did anything stand out as particularly challenging? 
It was trying to fit in thousands of photos within a book and the designer was really having a hard time laying the book out. I wanted the book to be colorful and be filled with lots of photos more than words. We still had to remove lots of photos because it was difficult to fit in everything. 

Anna's Song (Author Interview)

Anna’s Song looks like a great time travel/Christian romance.  How far a long is book two?
I am about 6 chapters in on book two, and three chapters of book three. Several scenes overlap so am writing those together to make sure I keep my facts straight.

What do you think makes a great romance book?
True love is so much more than heart throbbing emotion, while that is a fun and exciting part. Love is the willingness to sacrifice yourself to protect and care for the one you love. Aside from her twin, Anna doesn’t know what it’s like to be loved. Then she meets Jacob. Her past prevents her from accepting him until it’s too late. Or is it?
Anna’s Song combines a great blend of dealing with personal trauma, romance and suspense. I am told it will make you laugh, cry, and gasp in surprise. Not all at the same time, I trust.

What inspired you when writing Anna’s Song?
Anna’s Song started off as a word race with my son and daughter. We’ll challenge each other to see who can write the most in a set period of time, and still be interesting. That’s how my first chapter was born. The night before, I had the coolest dream where I sat looking into a glass of chilled wine. My reflection smiled back at me from the droplets condensed on the surface. Reaching with a finger to wipe off those droplets, I found myself falling through a vortex of time and landing in the middle of the Civil War. When I awoke, I knew there was a story there. These two plus some interesting Civil War family history, and Anna’s Song came to be.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time?
There are at least two books left in this series, and several others partially written that deserve completion. The ideas keep coming. I write part time and will keep pouring into it as long as God sees fit!

Tails Of Sanctuary: The Dark Sentinel (Author Interview)

Tails of Sanctuary looks like a great fantasy adventure.  Any plans to make it into a series?
         Thank you and yes. I am currently working on the second book, Tails of Sanctuary: The Rescue, which is planned to come out later this year. You can follow us on Facebook (Tails of Sanctuary) for more details as well as exclusive content.

What do you think makes a great young adult book?
         With any book, the ability to relate to your audience is key. So, writing characters who are believable and remind individuals they are not alone, no matter what they are feeling or going through, can really set any book apart — regardless of genre.

What inspired you when writing Tails of Sanctuary?
         I work with dogs for a living. So, the inspiration came from the dogs I work with on a daily basis. While they may or may not be getting into fantastical adventures, the thought of what they might do helps the time pass on slower days.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full-time? Part-time?
         The greatest thing I could achieve from my career as a writer would be to change someone’s life. While I would love to do this as a full-time job, I would much rather be able to help someone get through a hard time or find it helped bring a family together.

When did you decide to become a writer?
         I’ve wanted to be a writer since high school. In fact, when I was in high school I would write short stories for my friends and family for their Christmas presents.

When writing Tails of Sanctuary did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
         Time. Time is always a challenge. I was (and still am) working full-time. So, dedicating time to sit down and write can be a tedious task. Though, it is always rewarding to do so.

How did you come up with the story in Tails of Sanctuary?
         I really like to think that I didn’t come up with the story. The story was always there, and I just discovered it.

What do you like to do when not writing?
         I find no matter what I end up trying to do I always find myself telling stories or listening to stories or reading them. If it’s not working on a stand-up routine, it’s listening to podcasts (Everyone should check out King Falls AM), or re-watching The Office for the hundredth time.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?
         They can find us on Facebook (Tails of Sanctuary), Twitter (@SanctuaryTails) or on our blog ( they can also find the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and

BECOMING: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet     

BECOMING is an uplifting poetry collection of inspirational poems and articles about living a life of fulfillment. The author draws upon her own experiences, inspirations, and what she feels most passionate about. The poetry in this book is written about various topics; however, its main theme is about utilizing your God-given talents and gifts in such a way that leads to a fulfilling life. It is the follow-up to her to her award-winning poetry book collection, Unscrambled Eggs.

Carolina Dance (Author Interview)

Caroline Dance looks like a great start to a new thriller series.  How far along is book two?

The second novel is in the beginning stages of the first draft. There are also three Orlando Black short stories that will be published between the first and second novels. The first, Queen City Ruby is already published and the other two are not far behind.

What do you think makes a great action/crime/thriller book?

I think its story, character, and action, but not necessarily in that order.

What inspired you when writing Caroline Dance?

Well, there are a lot of issues that plague our society. Carolina Dance and the stories that follow tackle some of these issues. Knowing this gave me inspiration.

Also, there are many action-thriller heroes who fight bad guys and correct wrongs, but not many of them are black men. I’m a black man and an action-junky, so creating a protagonist who looks like me and is able to kick butt and save the day is inspiring too.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time?

Right now I’m just enjoying creating, and being a creative is always full-time.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed creating stories, and have written, drawn, and acted out stories all my life. But to actually put a story on paper with the purpose of publishing it is something I started roughly three years ago.

Reality Cheque (Author Interview)

Reality Cheque looks like a great fiction story.  You have a unique way of displaying it chapter by chapter on your blog. Do you plan to make it available in any other formats?
I’m not sure. It’s something I’ve debated quite a bit but I really enjoy the freedom of my website. When a project is completed it’s done for me. The idea of having to pitch something for 6-18 months and then promote it for another 6-18 months is very challenging and that’s without even accounting for the writing process itself. All I want to do is write and nothing interests me enough to hold my undivided attention for that long.
What do you think makes a great story?
Characters and dialogue. I’m not really bothered by plot. If the protagonists are interesting enough and what they are saying is true to the character then the rest all falls into place.
What inspired you when writing Reality Cheque?
I’ve always been obsessed with pop culture and reality tv in particular. I know that it’s complete garbage yet find myself completely compelled, entertained and ultimately disgusted with myself. It’s kind of a weird microcosm of society in that each “character” has to deal with who the are, who they want people to think there are and who they want to be. And if that’s not difficult enough you generally have to deal with 12 other strangers with 3 split personalities each competing for one prize, all usually under the influence of alcohol or even worse who are on “a hero’s journey”.
What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time?
Unfortunately, I now write part-time having been badly burnt as a full-time writer. I always knew writing would never make me rich, I just had no idea how financially crippled I’d be. I think a mixture of naivety and arrogance probably made the transition a lot more painful than necessary but then the novel isn’t as culturally relevant as it once was, making it very difficult for publishing houses to take the sort of risks they were accustomed to.

Building Brotherhood One Step at a Time (Author Interview)

Building Brotherhood One Step at a Time looks like a wonderful children’s book.  Any plans to make it into a series?

I am currently working on a second book using the same characters.
I think there are lots of other adventures the boys can explore.

What do you think makes a great children’s book?

A good children’s book captures the attention of children.

What inspired you when writing Building Brotherhood One Step at a Time?

The story was inspired by my family. I am a single mother of two adopted sons. They were my inspiration for the story.

Secrets the Walkers Keep (Author Interview)

Secrets the Walkers Keep looks like a great urban fantasy. How far along is book two?

The next book in the series, currently titled “Inside the Imperium Files” is slated to launch in October 2019.  Secrets The Walkers Keep is the first in a planned eleven book series.

In the meantime, I’m publishing a series of short stories.  One will launch in-between each of the novels, and they focus on non-Walker characters in the series.  Currently available for email subscribers is Chaos Theory, which follows Cooper Ambrose as he fights to contain his powers and save a young Caster from destruction.

What do you think makes a fantasy book?

There’s probably a good definition of this somewhere, but for me, fantasy is building a story that isn’t real in a way that the reader gets so deep in it that they feel it could be real.

What inspired you when writing Secrets the Walkers Keep?

My family, first of all.  The main character, Hat Walker, has a lot (no really…a LOT) of family.  Every family member in his life is modeled somewhat off of one in my own life, even if names were changed to protect the ridiculous.

Music was also, and continues to be, a huge inspiration for me.  You see it in the writing, with several characters who have musical abilities, and several scenes with a musical backdrop.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time?

In a perfect world, I’d have the option to do nothing but write.  Whether or not I’d choose to do it full-time is still in question.  I like to be busy, and busy with a variety of things, so I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy only writing.

Salomé: Daughter or Demon (Publication Review)

Salomé: Daughter or Demon

By William Freeman Publication Review

Salomé: Daughter or Demon is a lively vampire romp about a teenage girl destined to become a daughter of the night. Salome is a headstrong and stubborn typical teenager who doesn’t change much after she is turned into a blood-sucker. The story shows her early days of adjustment and learning how to survive as a vampire. She is mentored by two very old immortals, Master Kajika and Leslie, who have extreme patience with her teenager mouth and impulses.
“To take a life is no easy undertaking. The conflict between your old life and your present one lingers until you make this kill. Salomé, remember we’re hunters, not killers,” Kajika said, in a distant voice.
“My pleasure.” I had enough of people consoling me. I’m no child. No misunderstandings exist of what I must do tonight.
She gets to exact revenge on some bad guys early on and then she gets involved in a Vatican cover up and mysterious cult that could be the end to her new life. She’s a quick learner and masters the rough protocols required for fighting and killing.
Salome maintains a friendship with her high school friend Theodore, who has gone into the priesthood and can offer insight into much of the disruption with the church and vampires. She also has new friends of a supernatural nature she didn’t know existed. This includes discovering who her biological father really is as well as lifetime friends.
The book is written from Salome’s viewpoint. Her dialogue is written in a short, abbreviated style that is typical for the young, cell phone generation. She’s sarcastic and sometimes naïve. Although not always likeable, she sometimes is and can grow on you. It’s clear she mainly has good intentions and is fiercely loyal to those she considers deserve it. She still enjoys food, reading, writing, and exercising. Like everyone, she’s doing the best with the cards dealt to her.
Imagine a vampire who misses their workout. Stiff joints creak. They could end up in an old horror movie, as a sound effect for creaky floorboards.

I enjoyed this book and can recommend it for vampire/fantasy fans. It’s a fun story that has humor and action, plus it’s left open for a sequel!
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