Secrets in Oak Creek (Publication Review)

SECRETS IN OAK CREEK, by B.K. Stubblefield
HUGEOrange Publication Review

There are secrets in Oak Creek and Emily and her new friend Ryan hope to get to the bottom of them. Emily’s Aunt Millie has died and left her home and her big, goofy dog, Bentley, in Oak Creek, Kentucky to her. Millie was an advocate for homeless and abused animals, a passion Emily shares and plans to continue in the community. She has now relocated to Oak Creek and plans to start a life there.
But her plans get a rough start as she’s targeted by someone who causes a car accident, injuring Emily badly. That’s how she met Ryan, he had witnessed the accident, getting footage of it on his phone. When they realize it wasn’t an accident at all and someone wants Emily dead, they have no clue where to begin to figure it out. It seems that Aunt Millie may have started something that Emily will have to finish, but what? Emily has a long recuperation from her injuries and she is helped by some friends, including Ryan. Inevitably, love blossoms as Ryan and Emily get to know each other.
“Are you all right?” he asks for a second time this evening, searching her face for any signs of pain.
She only nods as she is lifting her gaze. It’s at that moment their eyes meet, and everything around her fades away. Blue eyes stare into blue eyes, recognizing the same desire in him that ignited in her.
For the length of a heartbeat, nothing else matters—her pulse is sprinting, and her mind goes blank. She steadily holds his gaze, beckoning, pulling, hypnotizing. Her mouth draws near. Moist lips open when, suddenly, he pulls her harshly into his arms, his mouth crushing hers with the force of burning desire.
When Emily uncovers evidence of a brutal dog fighting ring involving two prominent citizens, pieces start to fit together. But knowing something and proving something are two different things. Emily’s new life is filled with her new friends and new dog, who’s a great character in the novel.
Seeming to read Emily’s mood, Bentley raises his head with a small whimper. Chocolate brown, liquid eyes train on Emily’s as his head lowers into her lap.
Ruffling his thick fur, she lowers her head and looks into the dog’s eyes. “I would hurt someone before I would let ANYTHING bad happen to you—and that’s a promise! I can’t imagine what these poor dogs must go through. What savage beasts can inflict such monstrosities?” Emily looks at Bentley before answering her own question. “They’re called ‘humans’ but trust me, there is nothing human about them. They really are just a special kind of monster.”

Animal rescue plays a big part in this story, as does romance and mystery. Secrets in Oak Creek by B.K. Stubblefield is a fun read for those who like animals, romance and mysteries. 

The Enceladus Mission: Hard Science Fiction     

A space odyssey that’s worth taking. (Kirkus)

In the year 2031, a robot probe detects traces of biological activity on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons. This sensational discovery shows that there is indeed evidence of extraterrestrial life. Fifteen years later, a hurriedly built spacecraft sets out on the long journey to the ringed planet and its moon.

The international crew is not just facing a difficult twenty-seven months: if the spacecraft manages to make it to Enceladus without incident it must use a drillship to penetrate the kilometer-thick sheet of ice that entombs the moon. If life does indeed exist on Enceladus, it could only be at the bottom of the salty, ice covered ocean, which formed billions of years ago.

However, shortly after takeoff disaster strikes the mission, and the chances of the crew making it to Enceladus, let alone back home, look grim.

From internationally best-selling hard science fiction author Brandon Q. Morris comes a new novel for hard science fiction enthusiasts. As a physicist and space specialist, Morris describes the journey of the international expedition through the hostile vacuum of space, using the latest scientific findings and technology trends as his inspiration. This isn’t a What If book, this is a When Will book.

Mysterious Hostage In Circle C: A Western Romance Novel     

Ten years after his wife and son’s untimely death, and Cal Benson is still chasing ghosts.

To bury the grief, he threw himself into work at the Garrett Ranch with a vengeance, rising to the position of foreman. His arms may have been empty, but his time is always full. It’s a way to get by at least. Cal’s peaceful if lonely existence is thrown into turmoil when he discovers a land grab in progress. When he visits the neighboring ranch to confront its owner, he discovers a secret that has been buried for close twenty years.

Emily Carson is a ghost, or may as well be.

Trapped on her father’s ranch and at the mercy of his ranch hands day and night, Emily prays for some escape. When Cal Benson barges onto her father’s property, she can’t help but feel like someone above has finally decided to listen. But of course, fate is never that kind, and love is never simple. Emily knows that she can’t possibly dwarf the shadow of Cal’s late wife, or replace what he has lost.

With a war between the ranches on the horizon, Emily searches frantically for a way to keep Cal out of the line of fire and simultaneously guard her heart against the wounded cowboy. No men are really, truly safe.

Not even Cal.

"Mysterious Hostage In Circle C" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Socialism Exposed: Which Door Will You Choose? (Author Interview)

Socialism Exposed, looks like a great look into socialism and the political philosophy behind it. Any plans to make this into a series or write similar books?


What do you think makes a great political book?

Political truth and timeliness both make a good political book, in my opinion.

What inspired you when writing Socialism Exposed?

My observations through the years of the political process and the direction of the country inspired me to write this. I have a solid belief about the direction we should be going, and watching the nation slide into a backward position inspired me to get this word out.

What are your ambitions for your writing career? Full time? Part time?

At age 92, I will write about what I am led to write about, but have no specific ambitions as far as time. I don’t regret a moment I’ve spent bringing this book together in the hopes that it will help my country now and in the future.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I didn’t decide to become a writer – I just wrote some articles and then they just kept flowing on! A family member did encourage me to write this book. My desire was to expose what has been going on in our country and attempt to try to make things better. I especially felt that the writings on freedom by our Founding Fathers were not very often referenced or well understood.

When writing Socialism Exposed did anything stand out as particularly challenging?

The challenge always has been to present a clear picture of what has been going on politically. Putting lofty concepts into “front porch” common-sense language so that people can easily grasp it is crucial.

How did you come up with the ideas in Socialism Exposed?

The ideas have developed through years of political and behavioral observation and then seeing the subsequent results of the decisions made. My passion is to take long-term observations and put them into simplified terms so that the American people can grasp them – and make much needed corrections.

What do you like to do when not writing?

Enhancing my musical programs for performance is ever ongoing. Creating themes and various programs to encourage my listeners is a primary goal of mine. Hearing the responses makes it all worthwhile!
I want to make life a little brighter for folks than it was before they heard the music.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

You can read more about faith, freedom and the future of America at 

The Wanderer and the New West

A rogue vigilante seeks redemption in a lawless, near-future America that fully protects the rights of armed citizens to stand their ground against mass shooters and motorcycle gangs. Winner of a gold medal for Dystopia in the 2018 Readers' Favorite Awards and Best Western Fiction in the 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards. Listed in Kirkus Reviews Indie Best Books of the Month for April 2018.

When a marksman known as the Wanderer opens war against injustice in the state of Arizona, his violent actions attract the attention of journalist Rosa Veras, writer of a subversive blog about America's return to the Wild West.

As Rosa tracks the movements of the Wanderer, she exposes the new American folk hero's past sins and quest for redemption. But after making waves with a blog post connecting the nation's top gun manufacturer with its most violent gang, the reporter finds her life in danger and the Wanderer at her door. Rosa realizes she must join forces with the vigilante gunman if she is to live long enough to tell his story.

The Wanderer and the New West reinvents the Western novel with a dystopian outlook on a possible American future. It is a brand-new, stand-alone novel by Adam Bender, an award-winning tech journalist and critically acclaimed author of the We, The Watched dystopian sci-fi series about government surveillance.

What's a Rogue Got To Do With It (Rogues of Redmere Book 4)     

The final book in the #1 bestselling Regency romance series! 

Lewis Knight left behind his life as the son of nobleman years ago. The rough, scarred man is quite content to use his brute force and bad reputation to help the Earl of Redmere with his smuggling--a ruse to aid the war effort. Knight doesn't care too much about the reasons behind the subterfuge, so long as he gets paid. 

And stays busy enough to forget his past for good. 

That's not so easy, however, when he's forced to return home. And thanks to the earl's meddling, he's accompanied by the woman who plagues his thoughts far too often... 

Louisa has been too busy running her inn to think too much about the dark, brooding Knight. Even if she does steal the occasional glance at those broad shoulders. However, when a man arrives in Cornwall with life-changing news and Louisa's inn is threatened, she must investigate. With Knight's help, she digs into this stranger's past and stirs up more danger than she thought possible. 

Now that Knight is driven to protect her, the barriers between them feel harder than ever to keep in place. Somehow, she keeps working her way under his unyielding exterior. But Knight knows he's not worthy of a woman like Louisa--not while his past shadows his every move.

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Eve (Pangea)    

They never thought that the symbol of their love could carry so much power. Jesse and Evelyn faithfully nurture their taboo relationship (despite, and with, the 'help' of supernatural forces) while uncovering the dark secrets of their families' pasts. The bond between the two could be the only hope for erasing global segregation and returning the great First Pyramid to its former glory.
Make your way back to the saga that started it all ...
The Tower of Babel has been cast down, segregating Pangea and Mankind alike ...
Can Love reunite opposing Creeds?
Their journey will make you believe!

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No One Will Believe You (Liars and Vampires Book 1)   


From Million-Selling Author Robert J. Crane...

A compulsive liar. Her vampire stalker. Who's going to believe her?

Cassie Howell was just a normal girl worried about normal things - school, homework, dealing with her parents - until one day she picked up a stalker. But no, not a normal stalker, because that'd be too easy.

A vampire stalker.

Now Cassie is stuck; she has a long history of lying. Faced with Byron Vesper, a vampire with a crush on her who just won't let up, Cassie has no one to turn to, no one to trust. She's in way over her head, and left with two choices:

Find a way to beat Byron at his own game...

...Or die.

If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Bella Forrest, Michael Anderle, Laurell K. Hamilton, Shayne Silvers, Shannon Mayer, or J.R. Rain, you will LOVE the first installment of the Liars and Vampires series.

Presidents of War    

From a preeminent presidential historian comes a groundbreaking and often surprising saga of America’s wartime chief executives
Ten years in the research and writing, Presidents of War is a fresh, magisterial, intimate look at a procession of American leaders as they took the nation into conflict and mobilized their country for victory. It brings us into the room as they make the most difficult decisions that face any President, at times sending hundreds of thousands of American men and women to their deaths. 
From James Madison and the War of 1812 to recent times, we see them struggling with Congress, the courts, the press, their own advisors and antiwar protesters; seeking comfort from their spouses, families and friends; and dropping to their knees in prayer. We come to understand how these Presidents were able to withstand the pressures of war—both physically and emotionally—or were broken by them.
Beschloss’s interviews with surviving participants in the drama and his findings in original letters, diaries, once-classified national security documents, and other sources help him to tell this story in a way it has not been told before. Presidents of War combines the sense of being there with the overarching context of two centuries of American history. This important book shows how far we have traveled from the time of our Founders, who tried to constrain presidential power, to our modern day, when a single leader has the potential to launch nuclear weapons that can destroy much of the human race.

The Guardian Stones: Lake Point Series Book 1     

Have you ever wondered what life is all about and how we can find meaning in a world where there is so much suffering? Yeah, me neither. 

Most days I am thinking about how many calories are in a doughnut and how to not appear awkward when talking to people I don’t know. How am I doing? 

Anyway, my kids didn’t think much about the big things in life either. That is, until they found magical stones that gave them weird powers. Of course, those powers came with a price that was hidden in the fine print of the user agreement. 
Deep from underground, dark creatures came for them. Things got bad. We had to fight for our lives against the stuff of nightmares and not the ‘I forgot to my pants’ type, but the ones that hide crouched in dark bedroom corners with wide smiles of saliva-dripping fangs. 

It’s funny how being a little over weight or having broccoli between your teeth means a whole lot less when you are trying to keep your head attached to your body. That is when everything fades away except for the big questions. 

Cattle Kingdom: The Hidden History of the Cowboy West     

“The best all-around study of the American cowboy ever written. Every page crackles with keen analysis and vivid prose about the Old West. A must-read!” — Douglas Brinkley, author of The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America

The open-range cattle era lasted barely a quarter century, but it left America irrevocably changed. Cattle Kingdom reveals how the West rose and fell, and how its legacy defines us today. The tale takes us from dust-choked cattle drives to the unlikely splendors of boomtowns like Abilene, Kansas, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. We meet a diverse cast, from cowboy Teddy Blue to failed rancher and future president Teddy Roosevelt. This is a revolutionary new appraisal of the Old West and the America it made.

“Knowlton writes well about all the fun stuff: trail drives, rambunctious cow towns, gunfights and range wars . . . [He] enlists all of these tropes in support of an intriguing thesis: that the romance of the Old West arose upon the swelling surface of a giant economic bubble . . . Cattle Kingdom is The Great Plainsby way of The Big Short.” — Wall Street Journal

“Knowlton deftly balances close-ups and bird’s-eye views. We learn countless details . . . More important, we learn why the story played out as it did.” — New York Times Book Review

“The best one-volume history of the legendary era of the cowboy and cattle empires in thirty years.” — True West

What I've Done (Morgan Dane Book 4)

Morgan Dane’s new client has blood on her hands—and no recollection of what happened—as the #1 Amazon Charts bestselling series continues.
Haley Powell wakes up covered in blood, with no memory of the night before. When she sees a man lying in the backyard, stabbed to death, she has only one terrified thought: What have I done?
Agreeing to take the case as a favor to her PI friend Lincoln Sharp, Morgan must scale a mountain of damning circumstantial and forensic evidence to prove her client innocent. Haley couldn’t appear more guilty: her bloodstained fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and she has no alibi. But Morgan can’t shake the feeling that this shocked young woman has been framed.
Someone out there is hell-bent on sabotaging her defense, targeting Morgan, her partner, and especially Haley. Someone who will stop at nothing—and whose next move will be deadly.
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