Time Concentration: More LIFE in the Time You Have (The Life Balance Hacks Series Book 1)

Time Concentration
Daniel Gentry
HUGEOrange Publication Review

Time Concentration is a short overview of Daniel Gentry’s Life Triad system, on which he gives seminars and has a full-length book. The Life Triad system was created when the author needed to change his out of control life to a balanced and successful one. He wanted to write a synopsis for people who have not been through one of his programs before.
This eBook covers one of his tools for enabling life balance called Time Concentration.
The base idea of time concentration is not so much about adding tasks to our day, but in concentrating the life we put into those tasks. In other words, one key to achieving life balance is doing multiple things at the same time!
He also explains his concept of life balance. This is the foundation of his life transformation program. The Life Balance Triad concept breaks life balance into 3 parts: self-mastery, interpersonal, and material prosperity. He further breaks those down into subsections.
Take multiple parts of life and combine it into one activity.
He gives plenty of examples from his own life of how he used these philosophies and life-changing steps to achieve a fulfilling life. He covers exercise, the ‘Pomodoro’ technique for when and how to take a break in your life from work, how to cut down your possessions, and how to create family time.
For each of us there are a number of ways in which we can enhance our lives through time-concentration.  Think of all the activities that you have in your life and how can you add more dimensions to those tasks. What pieces could you pull together? What parts can you combine? How can you pull family, friends, your health, and all of the different parts of life balance together into the activities that you're already doing?
While this is basically an introduction to his full system, it’s still worth a read. Most people struggle with the five problems he offers solutions to and whether or not you’re ready to proceed to his full seminar, you just might learn something. 

Intoon the little brown bird


Intoon lives in the forest with his family, but now he must share his home with an unexpected guest! Learn about the environment in this book and how changes to the environment can affect the creatures that live there.

The Rogue Kingdom: An Espionage Thriller About The US and North Korea #espionage #thriller #suspense #fictionbooks


#espionage #thriller #suspense #fictionbooks

In a Buddhist monastery atop a remote mountain, Kim Jae Pak has spent the years since her escape from North Korea training with a martial arts grandmaster. Her extraordinary skills attract the attention of the South Korean government, and she is chosen to assassinate North Korea's brutal dictator so that a nuclear attack can be averted. But with the United States scrambling to conceal their involvement and the threat of war with China growing, Kim must decide if revenge against the dictator who murdered her family is worth the possible obliteration of the entire world.

The Temple of the Golden Serpent

The Temple of the Golden Serpent, looks like a great fantasy book. Any plans to make this into a series?
This 48 page novella is part of www.forsakenisles.com, a complete high fantasy world (with a dark underbelly) and other books already out there. The shorter books focus on an aspect of the FI and presents them through conflict. This particular story pits the primary religion of Heaven’s priests and paladins against a Hell Lord’s faithful. I have plans to begin interjecting more and more of this particular addiction-based worship into the Forsaken Isles in coming years. I don’t think the concept of “devils” is very well treated in most fantasy.

What do you think makes a great story?
The best stories are those where the narrative voice is a bit untrustworthy and things unfold either through a sympathetic character (to the reader) or through the narrator who experiences things as the reader does. Humor, darkness, and challenge make for great visions. Add in a dash of the fantastical and some things the reader can learn or think of in a new way and viola.

What inspired you when writing The Temple of the Golden Serpent?
The main books of FI follow the Cult of Tiamat and is therefore sympathetic to the evil dragon goddess. They view themselves as righteous heroes by virtue of the evil they defeat. They often clash with the more heavenly religions and heroes. While it would be fun to tell a story set purely in Heaven, it’s not my style. My work is too dark for that! So, I wanted to give a Hell Lord proper treatment.

What are your ambitions for your writing career? Full time? Part time?
I currently write part-time, but recent ELIT awards and a growing fan base give me hope that readers love FI as much as I do.

Opaque Desires


Join me on the journey to Opaque Desires. Let every page of my diary leading to sexual discovery bring you in harmony with your inner desires.

Facebook: @whitesorrow1
Website: Andreaaviet.com

Ghost Stories: Compilation of Real Horrifying- Demon Encounters


Real-Life Cases of Gut-Wrenching Demon Encounters That’ll Shock the Daylights out of You!

With the rampant growth and exploding popularity of the occult and satanism in our societies, the spirit world has received more attention than ever before. As scary and creepy as this idea may be, there is also the belief that demonic apparitions will, on occasion, push through to our world and invade not only our homes but also our bodies.
Best-Selling author Hannah J. Tidy will introduce horrific stories and experiences of demonic encounters had by normal people who’ve dared to play with games such as the Ouija Board.
A British family went through a string of horrific tribulations that seemed to continuously escalate from bad to worse.
The story began to unfold on Christmas Eve 2014, with a man, who attempted to establish contact with the dead through the board game. After the ritual, he believed that evil spirits managed to get through from the other side and take possession of his home. This caused an outburst of paranoia in the man, who then proceeded to commit a despicable act of cruelty against his pet. Prior to this event, the man had never suffered from any mental illness.
He drowned the dog in a bathtub, dismembered its body, and attempted to hide the evidence by shoving the remains into a nearby drain. The neighbors noticed something wrong was going on and approach the house to investigate… You won’t believe what happens next!
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You’ll be so happy you did! 

Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance

HUGEOrange Publication Review
Supportive Accountability, by Sylvia Melena

Author Sylvia Melena is the founder and CEO of Melena Consulting Group which specializes in leadership and management consulting and training. In her 14-year career, she has taught leaders how to supervise employees with the goal of success, not getting rid of people. She created a simple yet powerful model, “Supportive Accountability Leadership TM,” to spark employee performance.
As a leader, an essential part of your job is to get work done through others. You’re responsible for holding yourself and employees accountable for meeting performance goals and objectives. The 4 P’s of Accountability is the accountability framework I developed as part of the Supportive Accountability Leadership Model. This framework consists of four principles—people, purpose, performance, and progression.
The book covers different leadership styles and delves deeply into supervisor-employee relationships. For someone new to a supervisory role, experienced and looking for a refresher, or a supervisor frustrated and losing their passion for the job, this book covers every problem and every solution.
 Helping employees understand the humanity of what they do every day makes the goals
established for them much more meaningful.
What makes it easy to understand and digest is the way it was written: lots of anecdotal stories (based on true experiences) to make it relatable to most supervisors’ dilemmas and problems. There’s also a free Performance Documentation Toolkit you can download and customize to your own company or needs.
For every type of employee and every variety of supervisor, this book covers what to expect and what to do. There’s a wonderful chapter on best practices in documentation; how to make that process easier and complete, for novice or experienced supervisors, and will help with behavioral or performance challenges.
Documentation applied in the spirit of supportive accountability promotes a balanced approach to help the employee succeed.

Supportive Accountability is recommended for those in supervisory positions or aiming for that role. It’s a well-written, interesting guidebook to best practices in all aspects of supervision by a proven expert in the field. 

Coming Back to America: a short story


What would our founding fathers have to say about what is taking place in America today?

Is America broken?

Have we seen the peak of our power and influence?

For many decades the United States has been the greatest power on the planet, the leader of the free world and the place where millions aspire to live in and pursue the American dream.

But today it is a long way from the USA that had to fight for its right to exist. A far cry from the country that opened its doors, proclaiming, ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.’

This short book imagines what those who have gone before us would now see their country as.

If George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and others of the founding fathers could see America today, what would they say? 

Would they recognize the country they created, or be appalled by what they find?

Come along on the journey as you read wise words from quotes by our founding fathers.

Immortals' Requiem

HUGEOrange Publication Review
Immortals’ Requiem, by Vincent Bobbe

Vampires, zombies and shapeshifters, oh my! Immortals’ Requiem is a fun read of supernatural fantasy that grabs you by the collar and doesn’t let go.

Modern day England is beset by creatures and horrors thousands of years old who have come back. They were the stuff of mythology, or so people thought. The author, Vincent Bobbe, makes you feel as if your safe, familiar world could be set upon at any moment by unbelievable horror.

He weaves modern day reality with a bloody, harsh fantasy. This book is hard to put down! He makes a supernatural take-over of our world seem possible.

Well-written and recommended for mature fans of supernatural fiction and urban fantasy. It’s a rollicking ride on a terrifying adventure.


The Influence of Military Strategies to Business


July 2, 2018: Hopeful Media Solutions has partnered with Amazon to reduce the cost of the #1 Bestselling business management book, “The Influence of Military Strategies to Business” by M.D.White. The reduced price is exclusive to Amazon because their customers made “The Influence of Military Strategies to Business” an instant #1 Bestseller, topping the charts in several business categories. Retail price was $19.99, but now it is $11.95., for a limited time.
The Influence of Military Strategies to Business had just recently been revised. M.D.White, author and international business consultant, released the second edition after being inundated by his clients and readers who had many questions and sought more examples. Rather than addressing each reader he felt compelled to update his #1 Bestseller to “give the people what they want.” White was already contemplating rewriting the title to demonstrate more parallels between business and the art of war. But now readers new and old can benefit from this masterpiece.
For more information or for bookings contact, www. hopefulmediasolutions.com, or hopefulmediasolutions@gmail.com
Find “The Influence of Military Strategies to Business” 2nd Edition, paperback and eBook exclusively @Amazon.com.
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The Second Time Around


In The Second Time Around readers will see how one man experienced growing up on the South Side of Chicago in the middle of all sorts of diversity and how family played a major role in who he is today. You’ll experience his journey of highs, lows, more highs and the lowest anyone could possibly go and yet live to tell about it. It also takes you through the moments in his life where he had to fight and how it made him stronger to fight the ultimate battle. He then go on to show how every time in your life when you have hard times and tribulations how it makes you stronger to handle the next thing that comes your way. I know that most of us have heard before that “What don’t kill you makes you stronger” but this story will prove just how strong it can make you. Art imitates life to a fault and in this memoir, you’ll see the art of love, life, laughter, perseverance and the art of how powerful the creation of God truly is. Hollywood gets somethings right but about death…But this man has a different perspective.

Love Poems

Explore the Beauty of the Human Heart and Spirit!

A collection of romantic Love Poems intermingled with passages of spiritual enlightenment, LOVE POEMS promises to take the reader on a sublime journey of both written imagery and visual artwork by the author, guiding them to the truth behind what LOVE is and how it connects us all …

Dr. Tony Beizaee masterfully entwines the power of heart-felt poetry and striking images to weave a Rumi-esque gem in book form. “Love Poems” is a cosmic force to be reckoned with, that will awaken every crease and corner of your soul.

–Eva Xanthopoulos, Founder of Poehemian Press

Dr. Tony Beizaee weaves matters of the heart with human spirituality effortlessly in this compendium of poems that explores love in its many forms. Metaphors sing off the page in these excellent verses. Prepare to be transported to a world of romance and passion.

- Lauren Rickard, writer and journalist for EastLondonLines

When you read Love Poems, you’ll enter Dr. Tony Beizaee’s special world of love, connection, and openness. You’ll learn how to forgive, explore the all-encompassing nature of love, and feel the touch of someone special in his words. You’ll also delight at the heartfelt and touching Artwork illustrations, lovingly created by
Dr. Tony, himself. Born from author’s profound imagination as he searches for answers to the ultimate question, LOVE POEMS is a collection like no other.

“You’ll read these verses with your heart as much as your eyes as you touch love, drift in an ocean of ecstasy. Love Poems, by Dr. Tony Beizaee, nurtures blossoming hearts and heals those mourning love lost.

– Cornelia Amiri, Romance Author

This beautiful book will have a huge impact on your heart. Get ready to be swept away by Dr. Tony!

“His feverous passion runs through each stanza which he has deftly orchestrated to illuminate his profound imagination when it comes to seeking the answers to questions that plague the human psyche.”

– Amelia Vandergast, Author

When you order this fresh and fascinating book of love, you’ll discover a wonderful new perspective. You will feel Dr. Tony’s passion and absorb his life wisdom in the 25 love poems he shares in this powerful book:

A Touch Mortal (The Sider Series Book 1)


Getting involved with an angel, especially a half-Fallen one, might not have been Eden’s best idea. Still, she never thought a summer fling with Az would end up costing her mortality. 

Now, there's no way of telling what will happen when Eden's fingertips graze human skin. The power that builds inside her, Touch, strips away morals and logic. Some people only feel a high; others are overcome by their darkest thoughts. 

Worse, the word's gotten around that her Touch can kill her own kind, a skill Luke and the Fallen are desperate to harness. The last thing Eden needs is the rumor to spread. Especially since it's true.

With the Fallen closing in, and loyalties in doubt, Eden must rely on the guy who broke her heart to keep it beating. Working with the Upstairs, Az is determined to defeat Luke and win back more than just Eden's loyalty. But Eden will be damned, literally, before she lets him off the hook that easily.
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