Conscious Drinker (Author Interview)

Janica Hall has been a bartender for over a decade. With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, she has combined her love for writing, health, and making drinks. Hall’s healthy cocktails appear on menus in the Los Angeles area. She currently lives in Santa Monica with her husband and rambunctious dog, where she continues to sling drinks and teach others how to be a conscious drinker.

Conscious Drinker looks like a great health guide to alcohol.  Any plans to release similar books?   

I had so much fun writing this book. My husband and I got to taste many many cocktails! This will be a standalone title, but I have plans to continue to educate people online. Next week I’ll be launching a FREE five-day liver detox. Your liver is not only where you process alcohol but every other toxin you consume, like medications, fructose, plastics, and air pollutants. You can sign up to get the free meal plan and printable daily check-lists HERE!

What will readers get out of your guide?    

Conscious Drinker is all about alcohol education. You will learn what alcohol is, how it’s digested, how to avoid hangovers, and even care for your liver long term. I talk about what alcohol does to the body and how you can choose better ingredients for that perfect after-work drink. I also include 36 plant-based cocktail recipes, each specifically geared to increase micronutrients and decrease sugars and additives that are in so many traditional cocktails.

What inspired you when writing Conscious Drinker?    

As a bartender in a busy tourist location, I hear a lot of bar talk. People toss around misinformation about alcohol as if it were fact! For example, that whiskey is mostly sugar, which is absolutely false, or that tequila is the healthiest liquor choice, a statement with absolutely no science backing.

We live in a time with so much focus on personal health, but when it comes to alcohol, we’re all just guessing or making it up as we go along. I have found a lot of joy learning about alcohol, but the real inspiration comes from wanting to share what I’ve learned with others.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I don’t know if I ever really decided! I just started writing at a very young age. In first grade, I illustrated a story about bears going into a haunted house. My mom put the pages in ziplock bags and tied them all together so I had a little book that I had written myself. I’ve always been a writer. I went to school to study writing and to “become” a writer. I graduated knowing I was the next great American author….you know, like every other na├»ve 20-some. I’m not concerned with that now of course. I just really enjoy writing and telling stories!

In Her Mother's Shoes (Author Interview)

In Her Mother’s Shoes looks like a great erotica book.  Will this be part of a series? 

Thank you so much for the compliment. LoL, I really do not know. I didn’t initially think that it will continue into a series but there are many characters that have their own life story. So, possibly?!

What inspired you when writing In Her Mother’s Shoes?    
My inspiration for writing “In Her Mother’s Shoes” came from the relationships that I saw, read, and watched over the years. It is about a young lady who is empowered by the vocal voice and guidance of her mother; who play an important role in her life. Fathers are always looked as the focal point in their daughter’s lives but the mother play a vital role, as well. I wanted to create a book that portrays the obstacles that day to day women have to go through, while still reaching and achieving their goals.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I never really thought about being a writer. I just stumbled across it. I wanted to create books that I wouldn’t want to put down, that reflected my thoughts, my imagination, and the growth that I have found over the years. Writing is an expression; it became my avenue when I needed an escape from the world. Even if it was just for an hour. I found out immediately that I enjoy doing it.

When writing In Her Mother’s Shoes did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

Yes, everything. I didn’t want to incorporate my life story into this book and be selfish but I, also, wanted others to know exactly how hard it is to encourage, teach, and handle the things such as, mental health, while providing and leading a household. In my honest opinion it can get overwhelming and expectations from others can deter how we should really feel about ourselves. I, also, wanted to incorporate different lifestyles such as, the Mafia, and beautiful languages such as, Italian into this story. Writing in another language is definitely thought- provoking and difficult.

How did you come up with the story in In Her Mother’s Shoes?  

Great question, lol. I always to write about a relationship that can be so challenging but have the most genuine love. The love from a Mother is the most authentic love you can encounter. Mother’s play a variety of roles such as, guidance counselor, advisor, friend, caregiver, and etc…But they have countless of qualities such as, dependable, loyal, honest, goal oriented, hard worker, and the list goes on. I wanted to capture that those qualities, motives, and actions into two women allowing the audience to view both sides and walk in their shoes. I wanted people to envision and appreciate life around them. 

One Action (Author Interview)

One Action looks like a great book on gender inequality.  Any plans to release similar themed books?   

Yes, this book aims to encourage women towards their dreams and ambitions, and it talks about gender inequality in the country. There is no plan to release a similar themed book. In fact, I would prefer other women to take 'One Action' and write a book on gender inequality in India from their perspectives. No matter how much one tries, one book cannot cover all aspects of gender inequality in the country, we need more such book from more women.

What will readers get out of your book?    

Readers would understand various aspects of unspoken messages heard by women in India that eventually discourage them from dreaming big, being ambitious and working towards their goals. They would also learn about various tools women can use to shatter the gender barriers around them in low-risk ways and how they can come together in the form of Lean In Circle and make a change together. 

What inspired you when writing One Action?    

After getting through the 5th Semester of Master of Computer Science and being able to bag a good placement offer, I started reflecting on the last 2.5 years of my college life. How small decisions that I took made big differences in my life. How I was able to accomplish everything I dreamt about and even more. How my self-confidence grew tenfold, the people I met in the last years and how I started believing again in the goodness of the world. Having experienced the feelings of worthlessness and hatred for self for a very long period of my life and up till now, I understand how hopeless it can make one feel about life. Through all my efforts, my aim has always been to make sure that no woman ever feels the same way about herself. I dream of a world where men and women are treated equally. All women love themselves for exactly who they are and people are not judged based on their gender. This though inspired me to write the book 'One Action'

When did you decide to become a writer? 

I never took the decision to become a writer. I took the decision to write about what I learned being a part of the Lean In Community. My idea was never to "become an author" but to do whatever I can to spread the message. 

When writing One Action did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

It was emotionally very difficult for me to write about sensitive issues like female foeticide and dowry. The statistics in India are never good and always disheartened me. It was more difficult to write about Sexual Harassment in India. I remember when I started writing about the Nirbhaya case and started collecting stories of women, I was filled with tears and it difficult for me to gather the courage to gather more information about the same. 

Noory Tree (Author Interview)

Noory Tree looks like a great children’s book.  Any plans to make this a series?
Thank you! I believe Noory Tree book has a beautiful message about why friendship is an important aspect of one’s life and that being a good friend is an important value. Noory Tree: We Are Friends, is the first book in Noory Tree series. Now, I am working on my second book, Noory Tree: We Are Thankful, which is planned to be published in November, 2019.

What’s the age group for the book?    
The book is recommended for group age 5 to 9.

What inspired you when writing Noory Tree?    
My biggest inspiration was my husband Iskar, who is also a writer. I have always admired his work and creativity. My daughter, who is an excellent reader, inspired me to make some more books for her to read. Also, I’ve got an inspiration from all students from an elementary school where I work as a librarian. Besides teaching students to be passionate about books and reading, I wanted to teach them to follow their dreams and to give their best to realize them.

When did you decide to become a writer?
Since I was a child I liked to draw cute characters and make up different   stories. I was a dreamer who loved to use imagination a lot. For last ten years I was dreaming to make my one children’s picture book. This year, finally my dream become true.

When writing Noory Tree did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   
While writing Noory Tree, I had a clear idea what I wanted to write, therefore I didn’t have anything challenging in particular. But, I have to say that most challenging part of making the book were illustrations. All illustrations are based from my original sketches that Winda Mulysari, my wonderful and talented illustrator, improved and took to the nest level. Making the illustrations was long process and it took almost two years for Winda and myself to improve them.

Vonny B and Me (Author Interview)

Vonny B and Me looks like a great children’s book.  I see it’s part one of a five part series.  How far along is part two?   

That’s a great question. Book #2 of the VBM series is now @ the title and outline phase. 

What age group is the book for?    

The VBM series is are fiction books in the Juvenile category for children from 0-12 years of age.

What inspired you when writing Vonny B and Me   

I was inspired to write VBM while looking @ the relationship my son with learning differences has with his own dog.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I became a writer in elementary school I entered the Young Author’s program back in 4th or 5th grade.  Creative writing has always been an amazing way of self  expression for me. 

When writing Vonny B and Me did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

When I wrote VBM nothing stood out as particularly challenging, however, I did find it interesting that sometimes even children are better at things than parents.  For example, assimilating an animal into the family.

Magdenia (Author Interview)

Magdenia looks like a great fantasy book.  Any plans to make it a series?

Well, because of the long storyline it would have been  difficult for me to cover it all in one book,so I decided to make it a series. Dont know how many though just yet.

What will readers get out of your book?  

The storyline is all about family and sticking together during hardships. Especially about mothers, who sometimes can be overprotective to keep their children safe and would go against anything and anyone who would hurt them.

What inspired you when writing Magdenia?

I was always into fantasy books and movies with fiction heroes. So, I would say that I actually wrote something that I would be interested in reading.

When did you decide to become a writer? 

Well, I was always fond of writing and when I was asked to help a friend with some ideas for his book, he convinced me to give it a try   as he believed I was imaginative. So, with his encouragement I started  writing Magdenia.

When writing Magdenia did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

The most difficult part was trying to put together the storyline correctly without missing parts so as not to confuse the readers and at the same time trying to make it unpredictable.

How did you come up with the story in Magdenia?   

The Angels of Resistance (Publication Review)

The Angels of Resistance
HUGEOrange Publication Review

The Angels of Resistance is a fantasy novel set in a once prosperous world now devastated and at war with demons from hell. They are determined to destroy mankind and also retrieve those who are unwittingly demons like themselves. I found the world well-conceived and easy to imagine, and wow, it’s a vast one. The humans must band together despite ancient conflicts and current animosities if they have any chance of defeating the Demon Plague. The story opens with the battle that began in the city of Pommel moving on to the city of Tinaria where the king and queen reside. After an almost complete ruin of the city during the hellish night of attacks from flying demons, shadow demons, and other really terrifying entities, the heroes realize that this evil army can only fight at night. They strive to stay alive until daylight when they can regroup and figure out a plan.
The fighting went on, but Tinaria never surrendered. As fate would have it, the most beautiful and treasured light appeared like a lost hero returning to his children. With hell invading Tinaria, the wonderful glow upon the horizon slowly rose above the trees. Slight rays of light began to cover parts of the kingdom.  The light colored the towns beginning from the east and gradually draped the west. A natural occurrence, often taken for granted, became profoundly cherished.
There is a hero (of course!), Michael, who works to unite everyone, humans and magic users. He has some close allies, in particular, Predella, a huntress with a cool magical ability, and legendary hero Maxim, who has been revived from death to help save the world. They leave the town with some soldiers and others who have keys roles in the disaster. Thus, begins the quest to rid the world of the monsters and discover why it is all happening in the first place. The book is divided into two parts. Between the parts, the author offers a ‘Poetic Intermission’ which I found unique and pleasing. Here’s part:
Amidst the sea of courageous hope,
the wind did carry sail and rope.
As one, they embarked, friend and foe,
to challenge an evil born ages ago.

On the vessel was time for understanding—
to brake the hate long withstanding.
Over the days, no land in sight,
but angst and fear wrenched in the night.

The author, David V. Mammina, has done a good job of making the characters relatable through their personalities and flaws. He excels at action scenes, fights and close encounters. Those are sometimes mesmerizing in their detail and realism. The book is a long one, with many characters, many events and a very busy plot. It would be easy to get into this story and not put the book down for hours. A book like this deserves to be read in an unstoppable flow.


Always Welcome

By any measure, Welcome Wilson, Sr., chairman of the GSL Welcome Group―a privately held real estate development firm headquartered in Houston--has led a big life. He’s made friends in the highest places, developed communities that continue to prosper, survived some major set backs, and made hundreds of successful real-estate deals. He married his college sweetheart, and they have five happy and productive children. Growing up in South Texas during the Depression, Wilson learned the art of the Wilson deal, an uncanny ability to pitch deals that favor the Wilsons, from his father and his many uncles. He honed this skill in partnership with his brother, Jack. Combining the Wilson touch with hard work and determination, he found continuing success: at the University of Houston, in the Navy, in civic and Federal service, and again and again in real estate. It often took some fast-talking, some scrambling, and lots of hard work, but Wilson has always had great confidence that he could figure out a way to get a job done. Named a legend by the Texas Business Hall of Fame, Wilson has received numerous other awards for his many accomplishments. His memoir provides insight on his relationships with Eisenhower, Kennedy, LBJ and other notable leaders, shows the many ways he supports the university and the city that have provided him so much opportunity, and explains the inner workings of his most notable deals, including the founding of The Jamaica Corporation and the development of the Astrodome. Colorful, lively and opinionated, Welcome Wilson finds real delight in bringing people together and making big things happen. His candid and entertaining anecdotes will engage readers and inspire anyone who wants to find more success in life to aim high and have confidence.
Product Details:
  • Narrator: AJ Hoffman
  • Length: 6 hours, 31 minutes
  • Format: MP3: Immediate Download

Freight Broker with Care (Author Interview)

Freight Broker with Care looks like a great freight brokerage guide.  Any plans to release similar themed books?  

I appreciate that, thank you.  Yes, absolutely!  I am currently working on the second volume of Freight Broker with Care.  I want to continue creating books that can assist and welcome new and upcoming brokers into this billion dollar industry.  My ultimate goal is to provide critical skills and information that most will only receive after some real-world experience.

 In addition, I want to eliminate the idea that the process of trial and error is king; which is the very reason why most upcoming businesses fail.  They do not have the financial cushion to withstand some of the challenges presented to them in the beginning.  There are a variety of different topics and scenarios that may occur within freight brokerages, and I’m interested in providing a heads up – or shall I say, ‘shed some light’ – to those who are interested.  Based on years of experience, understanding the culture of this industry has already been of great help to others, and I’d like to keep this process going.

What will readers get out of your guide?    

Readers will not only gain a deeper understanding of the steps and resources required to start a freight brokerage company from home successfully, but they will also begin to learn about some of the ins and outs of maintaining and growing their business with ease.  Understanding how to negotiate rates and how to dispatch, along with effective cold call techniques, are important factors when stepping into this competitive industry. Most beginning Freight Brokers struggle with getting their first shipment covered, and this is where Freight Broker with Care comes in handy for those who can use some guidance in this area as well.

What inspired you when writing Freight Broker with Care   

My inspiration stemmed from the admiration that I’ve received from others in terms of how I handle my own business. Those who started in this industry began asking me for advice, and as time persisted, it became a demand. From there, I decided to start a blog, and then the thoughts of writing a book began to creep into my mind. I wanted to share my knowledge on a broader platform because I felt it would help to benefit a larger audience.

When did you decide to become a writer?

My Visions of Reality (Author Interview)

My Visions of Reality looks like a great personal poetry book.  Any plans to make it into a series?  
Yes, because of it how we live our lives daily and how our perspective is in life. It will either make you or break you in life however, it can be a treaty because we can be deceiving on the things we can't seem to control. 

What will readers get out of your poems?   
Readers will get out of this poem, is by seeing something bigger within themselves. That their not alone and that, they can make their dreams into a reality. The traumas, the trails, the pain, and the struggles, they can come to a realization with my poems and making the right decisions in their life.  I believe that the readers will find themselves as a masterpiece because God made them as a masterpiece and be for who they are. Not feeling afraid, and not feeling like an outcast, because I want the readers to figure out for who they are, or find out their talent they can use by not going to the wrong pathway or something that makes them happy. Having love for themselves can help them love other people and will see the positive side of their life. Knowing that, the readers are not alone, because God love them for who they are, because I want them to think there's always a blessing and miracles in their life, because they haven't seen it yet, but by God grace it will be shown and praying, because a church once said, our life is not a duty, but devotion, not legalism, but love. 

 What inspired you when writing My Visions of Reality?   
What inspired me to write my visions of reality, the of 15 years old, I was in a trauma situation. I was suicidal, felt alone, felt like an outcast, fear, depression, and anger every emotion I felt that could of kill me and just give up. I started writing my feelings and pain in a journal because that's the only way that I can cope through because I didn’t have anybody to vent to. I thought it wasn't something I was serious about to publish and share to people because I had fear within me, not only that I was young didn't know what to do. I'm now 28 years old, As I gain more trials in life, and faith, I told myself, I want to make a difference though, the youth's, and young adults because I feel like they felt the same way I did. I want to connect and relate my trials, my faith, and trauma through the readers who's been the same situations as me. I can be someone who can be an influencer by taking action to save souls and making a difference. Or somebody that can be influenced on what I write about and they can learn from it. As a believer, I believe there hope in every life and God brought me to do my book because I can make a big impact through someone life and changing their perspective with their lifestyle. 

When did you decide to become a writer?  
When I was 27 years old I’ve been wanting to be a writer, but never pursued it because I wasn’t in a stable place and didn't believe I could do it. As I pray to God, go to church, and do bible study, God enlighten me to pursue my book the year of 2019. Knowing that I can make a impact on people lives and making a difference, and knowing that I’ve been through a lot with my health, my faith, and family had given me to write about my life. Especially the trauma I’ve overcome and I want to put it into a book, because as I surround myself with youth’s and young adults, giving them the best advice I can give, I’ve realized I want to put my pain, feelings, my faith, happiness, and people in my book.

An Empath in a Polyamorous Relationship (Author Interview)

An Empath in a Polyamorous Relationship looks like a great story.  Is it all based on your life or are some parts fictitious? 
As much as I'd like to tell, you. I'll be keeping it to myself for the safety and privacy of the persons involved. However, the message of this book should be the real thing here.

What do you think makes a great relationship book?
Any relationship book should be able to speak from the heart. It should thrill our emotions and spook our human part. We should be able to relate with it in the deepest of our emotions. I have encountered books that made me cry, laugh, and think deeper. I think all that matters are one's readiness to be sucked into the new reality.

What inspired you when writing An Empath in a Polyamorous Relationship?
Well, like the message said, it's to make the next person know what they are stepping into. Remember, this is not just any polyamorous relationship. This is one that is of a narcissistic relationship. An empath can survive any relationship but this one seems intriguing to me because it's spoken of something that is eating into the core of some relationships.
A lot of us find ourselves in relationships with people that are after all what we can give to them and not what they can give. They feel jealous if we show care to others and not them. Our relationships with people are becoming more of the selfish thing. I'm sure many of us would have seen that side of us in the story.
But we all are in the victim's mentality. Although this time, we could see how Rebecca had to go through pain for those that wouldn't do anything for them.  I want empath out there to know who they are. And people, in general, should be aware of relationships that they are having with narcissistic.

Code 4: A Civilian's Guide to Safe Encounters With the Police (Author Interview)

Code 4 looks like a great guide for people in police encounters.  Any plans to release similarly themed books?
My immediate plan is to ensure that Code 4 is significantly marketed so that it has a positive impact on the maximum number of lives.  Once I am comfortable with the number of young people being exposed to the information in the book, I will use customer feedback to determine the next course of action.

What will readers get out of your guide?    
The primary lesson that I hope readers will learn is that law enforcement officers never respond to our intentions.  Rather, they respond to their perceptions of our actions.  In one well-publicized case that is covered in Code 4,  a motorist with a concealed carry permit told a police officer that he had a gun – but didn’t mention the fact that he could legally carry a firearm.  The “I have a gun” statement put the officer on high alert and within 40 seconds of the statement, that innocent young man was fatally shot.

How did you come up with the concepts and ideas in Code 4?   
The NFL players kneeling protests inspired me to write Code 4.   As a proud U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, I love our country and respect our flag.  I was raised in the inner city and starting at age 14, dozens of my friends were beaten or killed by police during various encounters.  So, I clearly understood the statement that NFL players from similar backgrounds were trying to make.   Since the players chose to protest during the National Anthem, I also understood why a lot of people with different life-experiences were offended.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I have wanted to write books since I left the Military.  However, raising a family and running a small business never allowed me enough free time to focus on writing.

When writing Code 4, did anything stand out as particularly challenging
The most challenging part of writing this book was ensuring it would be true to the issues without being perceived as gratuitously negative against Law Enforcement.  Since many young people do not enjoy reading books as much as previous generations, I also felt the need to minimize the number of pages in the guide while making sure the most critical information was covered.

The Ultimate Guide for Successful Stock Investor (Author Interview)

The Ultimate Guide for Successful Stock Investor looks like a great guide.  Any plans to release similar investing books?  

Yes, as stock investing is a passion, I am continually trying to improve the methodology. I think this book contains the essential of the experience I’ve capitalized since 12 years. Perhaps
I am going to improve this book by adding some other methods and by explaining even better some parts like company valuation.

What will readers get out of your guide?    

The book has been designed as a practical guide in order enable them to be effective at once. That's why I avoided going too far on theoretical notions to focus on practice. This is one of the major differences with other more academic books.

What inspired you when writing The Ultimate Guide for Successful Stock Investor   

In writing this book, I tried to share my investor thinking as directly as possible. Of course, readers must make up their own mind, but I have tried to draw their attention to the essential, the most important things to remember to be a good stock market investor.

When did you decide to become a writer?

It's recent since the end of 2018. I wanted to leave a testimonial, something that could be useful to my son when he will be an adult.

When writing The Ultimate Guide for Successful Stock Investor did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

I really wanted to create something unique, retranscribing what I think is the ideal solution to master a fairly complex discipline. In this sense, it was not that complicated to realize because it was nice to write. Now I hope my message will be understood.
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