Barefoot in the Boardroom (Author Interview)

Barefoot in the Boardroom looks like a great business guide.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Barefoot In the Boardroom is a practical change management manual for executives looking for a proven methodology that can break down a huge vision into manageable chunks. The proactive measures and techniques outlined will equip business professionals to expand their leadership skills while simultaneously encouraging the growth of others. Barefoot In the Boardroom will scale an organization, team, or department to not only identify the right strategic initiatives but to execute those initiatives and sustain success.

Each chapter offers clarity for strategic initiatives, key objectives, operational tactics, and measurable outcomes that encourages leaders to implement change and innovation in order to sustain professional longevity.


Any plans to turn it into a series?

Not at this time.


How long did it take you to write Barefoot in the Boardroom?

The idea for the title was sparked on 4/30/17. However, I did not start writing it until 2020. It took about 6 months to finalize the manuscript. 


What will readers get out of your book?

Here are some of the key takeaways from the book:

       Offers a proven change management strategy with detailed tactics and metrics that aid in leading your organization or department through change effectively

       Contains the author’s over 17 years of leadership experience and a proven track record of developing and implementing operational strategies and technologies that creatively enhance the customer experience while supporting key business initiatives

       Includes signature “BAREFOOT Method®” for effective change management and “Exposeyour™” Leadership Capacity for preparing resources to successfully manage the change

       Features measurement tools, assessments, and links to downloadable content that can be easily applied for quick wins

       Highlights strategies for leveraging the employee experience to improve the customer experience

       Teaches talent optimization techniques that help leaders get the right people in the right seat to achieve the right result

       Pairs well alongside strategic planning initiatives to help break a large vision into manageable, trackable steps


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I have loved to write since childhood.


What inspired the idea for your book?

My leadership journey inspired this book. Throughout my career, every time I hit a roadblock or experienced extreme frustration, it was directly related to my need to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a leader. Working in many fast paced and innovative environments, the only way to sustain success was to innovate as a leader and set up the right measurements to track progress.  Many times, in order to get results I felt I had to be the one to “go against the grain” or challenge cultural norms to scale for the organizational growth. I realized that all successful companies have a BIG vision and the only way to achieve that vision was to have the right people in the right seats to get the desired results. I also noticed that some of the resistance to the change needed to achieve these BIG goals was because of lack of communication and ultimately impacted customers in a negative way. Through my experience and the experience of other leaders and mentors around me, I developed the BAREFOOT Method®.


How did you come up with the title for your book?

The title, “Barefoot In the Boardroom” is the brainchild from a day I had to make the decision to remove my shoes just before a corporate presentation I was scheduled to deliver. Due to the excruciating pain my feet were in from walking in high heels all day, I decided the only way I could successfully share the strategies and insights without distractions was to be barefoot. One of the VP’s looked at me and said, “Hmm. You are barefoot in the boardroom. That is a book title.” He did not know it at the time, and neither did I, but he inspired this book title. Years later, after working to help many organizations navigate change, I reflected on that moment and realized the correlation. Sometimes in business, pain forces you to do something unorthodox to get the desired result. You cannot be so concerned about people looking at you or wondering why you’ve “stepped out of the box” that you forfeit the desired result. 


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Barefoot in the Boardroom?

Not that I can think of. I think I was able to write it easily because it is a topic that I am passionate about and something that I am living out in my day-to-day leadership.


Can you tell us a little about your background?

After working my way up to executive leadership in the corporate space and spending almost 10 years leading in a software startup that experienced 30% growth year over year, I learned how to navigate rapid change.  I am certified as a Change Management Practitioner and Talent Optimization Consultant. As a technology-oriented executive and customer success professional, I have over 17 years of leadership experience and a proven track record of developing and implementing operational strategies and technologies that creatively enhance the customer experience while supporting key business initiatives.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

Visit my website