A Wall of Sand: A story unfolds when a scent of romance blows across the barbed concrete fences of the Israel-Gaza border


After a brief stint in romance which ended with a comedy of errors, it was like once bitten twice shy for a young Palestinian boy called Fahd. Thereafter, his life took a turn for the worse due to the untimely death of his father, and being the only son, he had to quit studies and take up the challenge to put food on the table for himself and his mother. His first job was as a waiter in a Gaza-based catering company, which unfortunately wasn’t enough to support two people, so he became a part time taxi driver for a local taxi company.

Since the catering company also had business in Israel, he once met a beautiful Jewish girl at a marriage function where he had a brief but interesting encounter with her.

The girl was called Leah and after studying to be a nurse, she took a brave decision to do her internship in a hospital in Gaza. She believed if so many Palestinians could come to Israel for work, why couldn't she do the same and help build trust between the two communities. It was also because many young Palestinians and Israelis were very optimistic about improving relations and Leah decided to do her bit in contributing to the cause by choosing to work in a Palestinian hospital rather than elsewhere.

The job was very satisfying but her main problem was commuting through the narrow streets of Gaza until she met Fahd again. They recognized each other right away and Leah decided to hire him to travel to work on a regular basis.

That went on for some time until a minor altercation at the Israel/Gaza border escalated into a full-fledged conflict while Leah was still in Gaza. Fahd tried several methods to send her home but failed because the border was sealed and there was no way she could go home. Since the situation deteriorated rapidly, Fahd was left with no other choice but to bring her home where he lived with his mother.

In the beginning, he expected the conflict to end soon but things didn’t go as planned because it went on unabated for several months. As a result, she had to spend almost three months in his house, disguised as a Palestinian girl, until they devised an ingenious way to get her out of Gaza. Although their plan was successful and Leah was eventually reunited with her family, but until then, they had no idea how difficult it would be to say goodbye.

Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits


Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits is a coming-of-age adventure story set in the lush Appalachian wilderness. Jack and his two companions must battle dangerous wildlife, whitewater rapids, and violent criminals to find centuries-old treasure. In the journey, they learn about themselves and true friendships along the way.

This action-packed story appeals to children between 9-13 years old.

Forged By Fire: Volume 1 Crucible of Flame


The Forged by Fire trilogy, creates a unique way for readers to explore themes of true crime, trauma, recovery and religious faith as a whole entity.

Crucible of Flame throws us headlong into the life of Donna, raised in a reclusive Christian sect, sexually abused, addicted to drugs and trapped in domestic abuse. As Donna reflects on these events, it is clear that her supernatural abilities give her a unique perspective, giving readers a rare insight into the psyche of a survivor empowered by her faith.

Readers will be holding their breath as they share Donna’s journey through the Crucible of Flame.

Out Into the Desert


Sometimes, when we begin to question our faith or have doubts about our tradition it can feel like we are wandering out into the desert. When we take a step back and honestly evaluate organized religion in the 21st century, many times it doesn't make any sense. The more we cling to it and try to save it, the worse it becomes. In addition, widespread abuse, cover ups and victim-shaming causes some of us to question whether it will ever be right again.

Out Into the Desert is an honest survey of Western Christianity, along with Karl and Laura's personal story as they journeyed through 20-plus years of ministry. Let the Forehands be your guide as they examine these questions and more ... 

  • Is it okay to take some time off from religion and do this assessment?
  • Are there things we can't see because we're too close?
  • Where else can we find community?
  • Is it possible to thrive outside of organized religion?
  • If Jesus were physically here, would he go to church? 

Story you tell yourself about yourself (Author Interview)

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B2KF76XR/ (English)

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B2HQ7D7V/ (Spanish)

The Story You Tell Yourself About Yourself looks like a fantastic self-help guide.  Can you tell us a little about it?

52-week interactive guided prompts to help you nurture your gifts & achieve your goals.  In this guide, you’ll discover your deepest desires, innermost fears and learn self-care techniques. Everything is vital to the day-to-day practice of “shifting your perspective”. This is the shakeup you need.

-Align with your soul

-Manifest your abundance mentality

- Align with your life's purpose.

The 12 Chapters of Your Story - This interactive self-help workbook will walk you through the chapters of a year in your life. We'll figure out what drives you, what holds you back and create a clear goal for where you want to be by the end of this guided workbook.

The first chapter is all about imagining your life without constraints. Where would that take you? What would you learn about yourself as a result of that? We'll make a plan together for accomplishing that life you so wonderfully created through these pages.

The first month of exploration will lead to an 11-month contract with yourself. You will discover your deepest desires, overcome limiting beliefs, and finally achieve a goal you never imagined possible.

By the end of this self-help workbook, you will be aware of the gift to have to give the world & you’ll realize how to give it fully.


Any plans to turn it into a series?


What inspired you when writing The Story You Tell Yourself About Yourself?

I know better than anybody how difficult it is to keep to a routine and daily writing practice. I also understand how crucial it is to keep working on oneself. Which is why I questioned myself, "If I could focus on anything I wanted to focus on in a year, what would it be?" 

That is the origin of The Story You Tell Yourself About Yourself. I created this workbook to serve as a guide for people as they go through each month or chapter of their life. Through these simple mindfulness and self-awareness writing prompts, I hope to help someone find their interests, discover what is holding them back, and hopefully help them achieve the things they have always thought impossible.


How did you come up with the title to your book?

I wanted this workbook to represent one chapter in someone’s life each year, we have a chance to start new, and each year we can tell a different story, a chance to become anyone and do anything we want. It all sums up to the story you decide to create…


What will readers get out of your book?

This guided self-help workbook's writing prompt will invite you to examine how you view yourself, your relationship with your inner voice and others, and your overall interaction with the world. Throughout this workbook, you will be asked challenging questions which will promote positive thinking through mindfulness and affirmation exercises and teach you how to be more reflective, self-aware, and ready to accomplish anything you set your mind to.


What part of the book was the most fun to write?

The whole thing as I worked on the book, I worked through goals and obstacles that I myself needed to overcome.  


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Story You Tell Yourself About Yourself?

How difficult it can be to self-analyze sometimes and have an outside perspective, I tried to make this as simple as possible without creating self-judgments or allowing the writer to be critical about themselves rather embrace what makes them special and use it to create a life that they want.


Can you tell us a little about your background?

I’ve overcome real personal challenges. This is why I want to help you. As a dyslexic writer, my path hasn’t always been easy. But I never gave up! Instead, I worked twice as hard and challenged myself to keep pushing even when I wanted to quit. I have had to work twice as hard to get to where I am. I created Think New Concepts to showcase how facing our fears and personal challenges head-on can transform our lives by just changing our perspective.

My mission is to help you grow and see how extraordinary you are.

With an abundance mentality—a recognition that life is full of opportunities and unique experiences—you can do anything you want.

I sincerely believe that anything is possible with the right attitude. I hope to provide a resource that can inspire others to reconsider how they approach their lives. Through a shift in self-awareness, you can see the world from a new perspective, accept yourself, and accomplish your goals.


Where can readers find out more about your work?




On social tag @Thinknewconcepts #Thinknewconcepts

Self-Help Workbook






Understanding Genomics: How Nutrition, Supplements, and Lifestyle Can Help You Unlock Your Genetic Superpowers



What is it the book about?
Understanding Genomics: How Nutrition, Supplements, and Lifestyle Can Help You Unlock Your Genetic Superpowers is about learning how to unlock your genetic superpowers! This book is an essential read for all who are looking to live longer and healthier lives by making your DNA work for you. It describes the necessary steps to help prevent or manage health conditions by activating or deactivating your DNA expressions through Nutrition, Practitioner-Grade Supplements, and Lifestyle recommendations. I consider this book to be of high value for everyone!

Who is it for?
This book is for all who are looking to live longer and healthier lives by making your DNA and genes work for you. It’s also for those who want to look younger by reversing their biological age. The book serves as a guide for those searching for the highest purity and quality Practitioner - Grade Supplements. It provides important information for those who are looking for the best diet or detox for their DNA and Genes. Understanding Genomics is easy to read and packed with fun facts.


The Silence In The Song (Author Interview)



The Silence In The Song looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about it?

In some respects, it is a classic fantasy book. A young hero goes on a quest to kill the evil king and save the world. I suppose what is not so typical is to do this he consumes hallucinogenic mushrooms, eats his only friend, merges with a pyramid and teams up with occult members, barbarians, mystical beings and more.


The Blurb.

Death is not the end. The immortal King and his legion of otherworldly beings have made sure of that.

The immortal king’s empire expands southward, consuming everything in its path.

A young nomad, born of prophecy, comes of age, plagued by visions of the King’s brutal conquests and the strange etheric beings that consume the souls of the dead left in the King’s wake.

This is the story of an uncommon boy who dares to believe that he can be the difference, that he can challenge the immortal King for the freedom of every soul on the planet.

The story is set in a human-like world and has a heroic/epic fantasy feel. A mix of barbarian tales, world building, magic, spiritual dimensions, philosophical curiosity, ancient myths, psychedelic visions, conspiracies, martial arts and questions about the nature of life, death and reality.

This is an epic fantasy novel with science fiction elements. A firm crossover between the two disciplines.

Join Arran, the silence in the song, and find out if he has what it takes to kill the King and save his people.

In Video/Audio Format.



How many books do you have planned for the series?

At the moment I am 30K words into the second book, however, I have at least four books planned, maybe more. These books will either be in this series or standalone stories within the same world.

What inspired the idea for your book?

Life, travel, and curiosity. I love asking questions, I love thinking and out of this came a story. I suppose it could be viewed as “Spiritual Fantasy”. It is a coming of age, a tale of awakening, of believing, of dreaming. I chose the fantasy genre, so I could unleash my imagination.


How did you come up with the title to your book?

The main character is The Silence In The Song, he is an outcast in a culture of outcasts. Arran is a nomadic trader and everyone but him sings, he is literally the silence in the song. And as the story is about his journey, I named it after him.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Silence In The Song?

There are so many stories to be told within the one story, keeping it, all together was hard. So many characters to keep track of, as well as locations, timescales, back story, magical systems, etc. To be honest, I found the whole thing challenging, but I loved it. Like a giant puzzle, I hope the readers get half as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did creating it.


What do you like to do when not writing?

I train martial arts and I read lots of non-fiction books. Topics I love are ancient cultures, history, ancient battles, religions, spiritual paths and philosophy. I also write blogs for my website, topics include self-publishing, AI art, Fantasy Author related stuff, these can be found at https://www.robbwallace.co.uk/news/


Where can readers find out more about your work?

Readers can find all of my books, (Fiction and non-fiction), my newsletter and my blogs over at https://www.robbwallace.co.uk/ there is something for everyone. I can be found on most of the major social channels @robbauthor #robbauthor

If anyone reads The Silence In The Song, let me know, I love feedback.  Stay awesome



Website Book Link



Amazon links

USA- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BC1ZTZXK

UK- https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BC1ZTZXK

Canada -https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0BC1ZTZXK

Australia - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0BC1ZTZXK









Sometimes life hurts—a lot!

Overwhelmed by its challenges and painful moments, there are days when just breathing itself almost requires more energy than we have to expend. It is in such times of despair and great exhaustion that we are pushed to the edge with thoughts of suicide. Beckoning us away from that edge with a message of hope, resiliency, and the understanding that God has not allowed us to be confronted with any situations that we cannot overcome, this book coaxes us to not give up on living. Turning our attention to our inner strength, it speaks to how intentional God was with gifting each of us life while reminding us that no one's life is perfect, but everyone's life has purpose. Having jumped off the edge several times in pursuit of death when overwhelmed by her life, the author writes earnestly of surviving those dark moments, finding peace, and becoming immensely grateful to still be alive. As with her first book, In My Family Shadows, Deloris E. Jordan grants readers an internal view of her personal struggle of survival with uncompromised transparency.

My Path to Spontaneous Healing


In this fascinating memoir, Sharon Saulenas, an Intuitive and registered nurse, shares her startling spontaneous healing from debilitating injuries, including a traumatic brain injury.

She takes you along with her as she experiences the terrible crash that caused life as she knew it to come to a screeching halt. You’ll continue along through pain-filled days of seizures and dramatically reduced quality of life to suddenly exploding into another time, another space, where complete healing occurs.

Healed and renewed, she is now able to step fully back into life. Her senses and abilities are greatly enhanced. Joy and gratitude course through her entire being as never before and she is once again delighted to help others heal in whatever way is in their highest good.

Beyond this, she also chronicles many other experiences communicating with a realm outside the domain of normal human experience.

Starting in early childhood, listening to her inner voice was a natural part of her. As a teen, she began receiving unsolicited communications, or 'messages', that forewarned her of some future event, often the death of someone she knew. These messages proved prophetic, and at first she found them disturbing and frightening. However, over time she came to accept and trust them. Later in life, working as a RN she found that her sensitivity to this other realm helped her to foresee different aspects of her patient’s condition, aiding in their healing.

Visiting with loved ones that have passed was also a normal occurrence for her from a young age. During these visits, she would be filled with unbounded joy and unconditional love.

Much later, shortly after her husband died, she had a greatly expanded experience of Heaven that was far above and beyond the joyous, love-filled meetings she had come to know. Here she describes dissolving into complete perfection, fully united in love. A towering event so Magnificent that much of it is inexplicable, yet she does her best to share it with us.

As an RN, Ms. Saulenas worked mainly in the specialty areas of ICU, Trauma, Adult Burns, and Hospice, where she very quickly discovered that there was far more to healing than treatments and medications. She bore witness to, and helped facilitate, many ‘miraculous’ healings, both large and small. She shares some of those such as:

+ A surprising response from a dying comatose patient that gives him and his family joy, comfort, and closure.

+ A long distance healing for a patient with lung disease and double pneumonia that bewildered his doctors and family.

+ Removing crushing head pain from a patient with deadly brain tumors.

+ And much more.

At the core of it all is her belief that we are all connected. We are all of the Divine, (or Greater Consciousness), and by turning inward, we can tap into that unlimited wisdom that offers endless ‘impossible’ possibilities. Life becomes filled with more beauty, joy, love, and healing. Here Ms. Saulenas shares her simple practice of connection with this boundless source, this powerful energy that supports and unites us all.

Her revealing stories and simple instruction will inspire readers to open themselves to the latent powers that lie untapped within us all.

Falling (Author Interview)


Falling looks like an exciting short story collection. Can you tell us a little about it?

Falling is my first collection of stories. I thought that after having lived with short story theory for years, it was time to try it out myself. I started collecting my material while doing my post-doc at Brown University, and obviously, many stories take place in New England, and almost all protagonists are part of the setting there. The transition from writing about the short story towards writing short stories was quite a bumpy one!


Any plans to turn it into a series?

Actually, the attentive reader who reads story after story will see that there is quite a         connection between the stories. Sometimes it is in a very deep structure. The stories were not published first somewhere else but were deliberately designed to construe a short story cycle. Within the cycle, there are a few which can e read in sequence. “Paradise Lost” followed by Paradise Regained, for example. Some characters are recurring. I do not have any plans to write a script even though someone suggested it would make a good serial on tv. But, I do have plans to distill two novels out of two very dense sequences.


What inspired you when writing Falling?

As mentioned, I went a few times for a longer time to Brown University and spent a lot of time on public transport. I like overhearing ( a bad habit!) what people say, what they think about the word. Of course, I did not literally hear the stories on a greyhound or on an Amtrak strain. But let’s say that their conversations often on the phone triggered me to start fantasizing.


Most of your stories take place at an Ivy League University. Are you obsessed with this type of elitism?

No, not at all. Pretty much to the contrary. I was there as an outsider and an observer. If I had been part of it in the sense of being a student there, I probably would not have had the critical distance I have now. Moreover, what attracts me to the Ivy League is the history of the United States. The foundation of the nation and colonial English “pre-history”. Most Ivy League universities conserve and preserve and are very interesting hotspots to study this history.


How did you come up with the title for your book?

 Actually, it took me a long time to come up with a title. A colleague of mine read the stories and said: it is so strange, all these people seem to be falling… If not literally, at least metaphorically. I was then halfway through the original collection and started tailoring the next stories to this idea, which is, in fact, a magnificent idea! That is also why you had the impression they serve to make a serial. You can easily continue writing about falling heroes with a loose interconnection, just like in the nineteenth-century feuilleton.


What surprised me reading your book is that there are so many references to medicine and so many of your falling heroes are medical doctors or students of medicine.

Yes, I know. This is not a coincidence. I started studying medicine at Harvard about a year ago. Their online program is Harvard HMX. I had a private tutor in England, and of course, besides tutoring, there is a lot of time for talking and suggesting…

And you know, in this age where God (or the Gods have disappeared), the only moral principle still standing is medicine. Medicine is the ultimate frontier to be explored by fiction. It is both science and magic.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Falling?

Many things, really! But the most important thing was that once you start writing, it is like someone else is taking over control. It is incredible. You have an idea, you try to imagine how you would read a short story, what the final product would look like, and then when you feel happy and start writing, everything turns out very differently… Well, it was not exactly my intention to publish short stories. For many years I had a scrapbook where I kept a record of dialogues and incidents as I was travelling through the North East of the U.S. The stories are the results of short notes and literary tryouts, which I stitched together and then fictionalized. And which a friend of mine – Sean Gordon—then streamlined stylistically.


Is there new work coming up? And where can readers find more about you and your work?

Let’s answer the last question first. I am working on a website with new work. erikvanachter be. I found out that a website, probably more than Facebook, is very instrumental in book promotion. Also, I take pride in my covers. I hope one day when I am finished writing, my covers can be assembled in a photo book.


So what about the upcoming work?

It is a short story collection. Again, but working on a novel, as already suggested. The new collection’s title is Billy Rubin and other stories. Again they are through and through America but are no longer restricted to the East Coast. On the website, possible readers can find so-called teasers. Clippings from the story by way of appetizer


What do you like to do when not writing?

Mostly reading. You need to read a lot and like reading when you want to write. The more you read, the less you imitate your models, i.e., those short stories you like and those which impressed you. I also read a lot of newspapers and magazines and especially American local newspapers, for inspiration for my next literary moves now that I am back in Belgium. Furthermore, I like to travel and study. Recently I took a fancy to collegiate wrestling. Friends taught me to see the ingenuity of this very old Olympic discipline.


The Stain of Guilt (Author Interview)


The Stain of Guilt looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about it?

It is the second book in the Theodore Saga series. Basically, Theodore died in the first novel and it was all about him going through the denial of being dead. He finds himself on an adventure in a strange land and having to fight monsters and get stronger. The second novel is about him processing the guilt of leaving his wife behind while facing a new threat in a new city.


How many books do you have planned for the series?

I plan on having one book for each stage of grief. Book three is almost complete and it has Theodore dealing with anger while he battles pirates. Book four will cover sadness and the last book will complete the saga with acceptance.


What inspired the idea for your book?

I had the idea to process through the stages of grief through a series of novels during the covid pandemic. So many people are dealing with grief, and I thought that this may be a good way to help support someone who is struggling with grief to find peace and know that there is hope. If the books help even just one person, they were completely worth all the time and energy.


How did you come up with the title to your book?

Each title has some sort of double meaning and so far, they have all just popped into my head. I love to think of puns and use words in interesting ways and I think that comes through in my books.


What will readers get out of your book?

I really hope that they have fun reading the books, but also are familiarized with the stages of grief and how to process through them. I care about people’s mental health and hope to write more novels in the future to help with healthily processing trauma.


Can you tell us a little about Theodore?

Theodore is meant to be an average person. I believe that the average person would rescue a child in danger. I believe that the average person is trying their best to make the world a better place. Theodore is meant to be relatable, but also will rise to the occasion for the good of those around him. Theodore is who I hope the average person is, when push comes to shove.


What part of the book was the most fun to write?

I’ve really enjoyed getting creative with how Theodore handles problems and uses the seemingly random abilities and powers he acquires. It has been fun to write different scenarios and then go back and laugh at how absurdly awesome it all came together.


What was your hardest scene/section to write?

It is most difficult for me to write the raw emotion of going through one of the stages of grief. I want to make it a fun and easy to read book, but I also want the emotion to be there. All this while being sensitive to people who are going through grief in their life. They may be processing through the stage they are reading through.


What do you like to do when not writing?

I like to play board games and card games with the people I love. I am fortunate to have quite a few close friends and I know I am lucky, but it has also taken intentionality and time to get here.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

I’ll be posting to facebook.com/mdeclanmorris and will continue to publish new novels through Amazon.




Mindreader: The New Science of Deciphering What People Really Think, What They Really Want, and Who They Really Are


Tired of guessing what they’re really thinking? Read people in every situation—in person, on a screen, or in writing—using the new science of psycholinguistics, from a New York Times bestselling author and consultant to the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

“A treasure trove of concepts, ideas, and tools that we can all master to be safer and happier. It’s a must-read!”—Joe Navarro, author of Dangerous Personalities

What did your boss mean in that email? Is your mechanic stretching the truth? Whether you’re engaged in a casual conversation or a high-stakes negotiation, it’s critical to understand the subtext of a situation. But with so much interaction happening on screens—via email, texts, or video chat—we are losing the ability to interpret expressions and cues. Furthermore, since many are now savvy about the meaning of body language, it’s become even harder to discern someone’s true thoughts or intentions.

A leading lie-detection expert who instructs the FBI and other security agencies, noted psychotherapist David Lieberman, PhD, takes “people reading” to a whole new level. Drawing on the latest research in psycholinguistics—the cues embedded in spoken and written speech—he shows you how to apply his cutting-edge methods to countless everyday situations, including:

• Detecting the messaging behind passive language, personal or impersonal descriptions, and level of detail.
• Determining whether someone’s account of any incident is the truth or a work of fiction.
• Finding out whether a potential hire, dating app match, or new babysitter is trustworthy or hiding something.
Nobody wants to be played a fool. 
Mindreader will help us identify who can be trusted, and who may be out to get us.

Amen, Amen, Amen: Life's Journey and Peaceful Minds Through Chaotic Battles



Thats an amazing cover.  Can you tell us a little about it?

I went up to heaven in an elevator and had my encounter with God at age fourteen!

Jesus was with me in the elevator held my hand out we went in the sky and met God then had my encounter and God showed me my future and what God showed me came out years later in my life! God was faithful what He said would happen in my life and it did!


What inspired the idea for your book?

After attending an ladies Bible study, Lioness Arising: wake up and change your world, by Lisa Bevere. I felt empowered to write my story about my life a true story.


What will readers get out of your book?

Trust God with your situation, trials in your life, He will see you through it. God is faithful what He says will happen it will happen! God loves you what he did for me in my life He’ll also do for you! Everyone has a purpose in life, God wants everyone to ask him what their purpose is in life! Listen, obey see your purpose come to fruition in your life!


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Amen, Amen, Amen?

All of it! First time ever writing a book I didn’t know anything about! Trusted God and he carried me through it. I would pray before writing that I only wanted to write what God wanted me to write.


What do you like to do when not writing?

Starting to travel going on vacations. I enjoy attending church services. Helping people out any way that I can. Enjoy watching movies, inspiring ones from the heart, true stories! I enjoy reading the Bible, God’s word!


Where can readers find out more about your work?

My Facebook page Amen Amen Amen by Donna Defelice!

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