When The Good Go Blind: Heartbreak Poetry (Author Interview)


When the Good Go Blind looks like a great collection of poetry.  Any plans to release more poetry books?  

Thank you very much.
 “When The Good Go Blind” is actually my fourth poetry book. It’s also my favorite. So the short answer is, yes. I will more than likely produce poetry every year I’m alive.
You can find more of my publications via Amazon, lulu, and BarnesandNoble

What will readers get out of your book?   
Truth. Readers will see the importance of transparency. I believe this culture is missing the truth in redemption. We are scared to admit our portion as the villain in our own life story. I also believe God has been viewed in such a “humdrum”. I wanna show readers the ugly parts of a human in relationship with others and with the creator.

When the Good Go Blind has an interesting concept. What inspired you when writing it?   

Pain. I went through a very difficult heartbreak... and because my heart never stopped breaking I decided to channel that into my creative side. It’s working! People are both shocked and inspired by my transparency

When did you decide to become a writer?

Oddly enough, I became a writer at 13. I wrote a short story in school that was so believable it almost got me in deep trouble. That’s when I knew this was my calling. That being confirmed in the ninth grade I won a poetry slam in NYC, and then went on to publish 9 titles as an adult. I guess I like it a little bit.

When writing When the Good Go Blind did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  

Great question. I have an affection for the political world to the point I plan to run for office one day. So the challenge is always how much does one reveal? My internal answer was air it all. Leaders are made from flaws and truth; not plastic and promotion. Someone needed my reality. So that in itself was a challenge.

Forever People (Author Interview)


Forever People looks like a great science fiction book.  Any plans to turn it into a series?   
I’m sure Forever People is a complete story. As much as I love the characters and the world, I don’t think it’s the right candidate for a series.
What will readers get out of your book?    

A lot of readers told me that Forever People offered a preview of possible future technology and its ramification for society. Some reviewers have said Forever People challenged their views of morality and the afterlife.

Forever People is a tale unique to our near future. It’s the story of what happens to a life-altering technology once the creators of the technology are long gone. Who steers the car when the driver dies? My goal was to have readers think about that question.

I also want my readers to love my characters because I love them.

            Forever People has an interesting concept. What inspired you when writing it?    

I read an article on emerging technology meant to help people with Alzheimer’s disease. The technology will store their memories in a digital format so the memories can be accessed after the disease progresses. The tech brought up so many questions – What’s the difference between a person’s memories and their consciousness? If memories can be stored, why not a whole mind? And what would the world look like if we could save our minds forever?

The last question led me to develop Forever People. I wanted to explore what society could look like if we were a digitally immortal. I realized the creators of the afterlife tech would have had to create a system to pass down once they were gone.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I’ve been writing stories since I was a small child. I wrote my first book when I was seven, it was about a girl whose imagination was so strong all her dreams became real. Fingers crossed; you know.

No More Hashtags: Remembrance and Reflections

No More Hashtags looks like a great book on the reflection of hashtags of the past.  Any plans to release similar books with social and cultural themes?  
I do have a follow up in the works and just as I did with No More Hashtags, I’ve been performing select pieces at various open mic events in the tri state area to get  feedback which will be helpful in determining the direction of the project.

How did you come up with the hashtags to focus on in No More Hashtags?  
Hashtags indicate something that is trending, however it’s pretty much a short time span because a topic can be quickly trending for  24 hours and then just
as quickly as it appeared it is soon forgotten.  I think a person’s life is more valuable than a hashtag having their name followed with a rest in peace.  The persons I recognized in the book were people who were living and breathing but whose lives, dreams, hopes were cut short and whether we knew them personally or not their lives mattered   and at some point we should get tired of the injustice  and the lack of respect for the value of life to the point of saying no more.  I don’t want to be just a hashtag on timeline.  I’m more than that and so are those names mentioned in the book.

What will readers get out of your book?
What I want readers to walk away with is a sense of connectivity. There is a need for awareness and understanding of how  we are all connected to each other.  If you can see the pain in a community and just because it is not happening to you, can turn and walk away what does that say about humanity? What does it say about who we are as we live, work and go about the day? For some the reflections shared may serve as a reminder and for others some of the stories shared may be totally new.  We must ask ourselves these questions and in our answering determining how we are going to show up in the world.  Will I be the one who will stand in solidarity and support alongside a brother or sister regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or orientation or will I just walk on by?

What inspired you when writing No More Hashtags?   
I was inspired by what I saw happening in the world and community around me.  I became fearful for even my own safety and of those I loved as a result of the amount of racially motivated tragedies.  It was like watching the fall of dominoes one after the other  a case or incident would be in the noose with mothers and family members crying for justice.  It was heart wrenching and painful.   I needed to deal with my own questions, pain and  grapple with the questions of why this level of hatred is still occurring in a nation that prides itself on being a melting pot, the land of the free and home of the brave.  In order to process everything I was seeing and hearing I needed to put pen to paper.

I’m Glad You’re Dead (The Preternatural Chronicles Book 1) (Author Interview)

I’m Glad You’re Dead looks like a great urban fantasy book.  What was your inspiration for your series, the Preternatural Chronicles?   

The books are dedicated to, and starring, my best friend and doppelgänger, John. He always enjoyed my writing and one day made me promise to write a book about him. We grew up reading authors like Anne Rice, so when asked what he wanted to be, he told me he wanted to be a vampire. I promised — then he pulled a party foul and died, leaving me with no choice but to honor his memory, so I wrote I’m Glad You’re Dead.

After I finished book one, my brain raced and was already coming up with ideas for its follow up. I had no choice but to continue.

Why is your first book titled I’m Glad You’re Dead?    

This is the question I get the most when I tell people the story behind the series. Seems kind of odd to dedicate a book titled I’m Glad You’re Dead to your dead best friend, doesn’t it?

I’m Glad You’re Dead plays on a few levels. First: it’s a direct quote from the 1989 Batman from the man, the myth, the legend: Jack Nicholson. Batman is my — and was John’s — favorite movie of all time. We used to say it all the time to each other at random times. Honestly, our entire friendship was built on the foundation of movie quotes; and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Well, except…you know… the being dead part. I’d probably change that.

And B: John is a vampire in the series and he had to die to become immortal. But mostly that first thing I said.

How is your take on vampires different than what we have seen before?

Being urban fantasy, I wanted to do a different take on vampires. I was tired of the “hiss hiss bite bite” theatrics that have been played out. Instead, I gave John the ability to infuse his blood with his preternatural energy and create blood manifestations, like weapons and even armor. For example; instead of him biting someone’s neck for every kill, he can will a blood-dagger into his hand and stab the bad guy in their blood soaked liver to exsanguinate them. I also try to explain most supernatural abilities in a scientific way for the reader, to make it more believable. Why do vampires need blood to survive? What’s the difference between supernatural and preternatural? Did I leave the oven on? All this will be explained, and more, if you exchange your paper with words on it for my paper with words on it.

How many books do you plan for the series?    

There will be 13 novels in the series with a novella or two thrown in for good measure. I have all the books planned out, which is seriously a lot of fun because it allows me to sprinkle in breadcrumbs here and there. That seemingly inconspicuous action that happened several books ago surely won’t have consequences later in the series…right?

When did you decide to become a writer?

One does not just “decide” to be a writer. The Ghost of Halloween Past chooses you from one of those rotating cages that bingo players use — the name escapes me. You perform a series of quests with increasing difficulty, only to face your final task. Write a book. Then bam! You’re a writer.

When writing I’m Glad You’re Dead did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

I suck at editing, and I’ve had terrible luck with editors; but enough is enough. I recently hired five editors to tear my novella, Deliverance, apart. I paid their fees and told them they will be competing for my love. I’m calling it the Editor Games. Five enter; only one leaves. The rest will be executed by firing squad…or never used again. Definitely one or the other.

How did you come up with the story in I’m Glad You’re Dead?   

I have listened to over 200 books on Audible from amazing authors like Stephen King, Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Dennis E. Taylor, Richard Kadrey, Neil Gaiman, Keith C. Blackmore, and Craig Alanson. I pay attention to story structure and dissect things that make me go “holy sh*t! I loved that!” I’ve also watched hours of YouTube and Masterclass videos from authors who describe their entire process from story ideas to publishing. Over the past few years, I have tried several different methods before finding what works for me.

Bitcoin Money (Author Interview)

Bitcoin Money looks like a great cryptocurrency guide.  Any plans to release similar income generating books?   

Thank you very much!  Yes definitely!  Bitcoin Money: The Top 20 Ways To Make Income With Cryptocurrencies (https://amzn.to/30ahkpy) is only my very first book in a planned series! 

I also plan to create other books on other related topics such as:

Monetary Wisdom
Fundamental Analysis
Understanding Market Cycles
Technical Analysis
Best Use Cases for Blockchain Technology
Disruptive Technologies

What will readers get out of your guide?    

After reading my book, people will know how to make cryptocurrency instantly!  They will be able to recover the $2.99 USD cost of the E-book in a few minutes. 

In this book readers will learn the following about cryptocurrencies:

- Awareness of
- Perceived Usage
- Growth Potential
- Active Income Generation Methods
- Passive Income Generation Methods
- How To Avoid Common Scams
- How To Secure Your Crypto Assets
- And much more!

What inspired you when writing Bitcoin Money?    
Well when I started my MBA back in 2017, Bitcoin and Blockchain related technologies was really being hyped up.  I decided to learn how to day trade cryptocurrencies and mine them too.  Furthermore, I devoted my master’s dissertation on the subject of cryptocurrencies.

When did you decide to become a writer?
In all honesty, I was getting tired of the regular 9 am to 6 pm job as a senior level manager for a venture capital firm.  I wanted a more flexibly work schedule and the ability to work on the projects that I wanted, when I wanted to work on them too.  Writing affords you with this flexible type of lifestyle.

When writing Bitcoin Money did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   
Well I had research a ton of information so I had to filter out only the very best and most lucrative opportuntities.  This was a very meticulous process that took many weeks to accomplish.

How did you come up with the concepts and ideas in Bitcoin Money?   
As I was interviewing experts in various fields related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology during my research, I became aware of many active and passive ways to make income with cryptocurrencies.  I decided to include these income generation methods into my master’s dissertation and eventually into my first published books too.

PCN Secrets To Wealth Vol. 1 - Introduction


We established getapcn.com to educate consumers on a credit and identity secret that has been hidden in plain sight by the wealthy for decades. As we have evolved, our Members have requested that we provide the same SERVICES as we have provided to our wealthy clients.  As a bonus for signing up, we will help to get your PCN 100% Free. However, within the Modules, you will see Step 1, 2, & 3 in which you can pay for us to DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU just like we do for our wealthy clients.

The Setup (Author Interview)

The Setup looks like a great self-help book.  Can you tell us a little about the upcoming book signing?  

The Setup Novel to be sold at 2019 Essence Festival Bookstore #essencefestivalbookstore engaging with fans through on-site book signing on July 5 & 6 11-3pm. The Essence Festival Bookstore Booth 4210  will be open in Ernest N. Moral Convention Center everyday between the hours of 11am-5pm. In partnership with New Orleans Garden District Bookshop. See you in Nola! We're celebrating the Essence Festival 25th anniversary four days of entertainment, empowerment and community.

What will readers get out of your book?    

The Setup Book is a mixture of romance and suspense dealing with death and murder in a world where teens, adolescents and women are facing bullying, domestic violence, and depression.  The call for women empowerment and a call for ending domestic violence and sex trafficking continues to echoes. The Setup Novel will help lend a hand to its voice.  It is a must read for adolescents and adults alike. 

What inspired you when writing The Setup   

I am inspired on positive conscious energies within the human experience who successfully acquired the state of stillness and tranquillity.  These individuals possess the courage to continue to seek knowledge and determination to find wisdom and happiness wholeheartedly. I am motivated by others who find creative ways to research and apply their found discoveries in their daily lives. In my opinion, it is the true meaning of quintessential living.  I was inspired to document my process of discoveries through walking down memory lane in a unorthodox series of events which took place some based on inspired actual events and majority imaginatively.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I knew I was interested in writing as a teen.  I had a love to vividly paint stories through words by poetry.  I received positive support from peers and family to continue capturing my writing through journaling which spilled over into college and into my young adult life.  I was sought after to assist in many capacity in contributing in the development of Tillie Hogans, God's miracles in my life book project while in college as a junior in college at Florida A&M University. This experience cultivated the desire to write someday in the future.

When writing The Setup did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

The Setup story plot was particularly challenging due to deciding on the inclusion of my rants and collection of poems throughout the book. 

The Secret of The Seed (Author Interview)

The Secret of the Seed looks like a great children’s book with a powerful message. Any plans to write additional books or turn it into a series? 
Yes, actually I do plan to turn into a series based on a cartoon series that I am writing called Nahla’s Universe. 

What age group are you aiming for? 
I truly believe that my messages are universal. They are cosmically therapeutic messages for the child in all of us. Every person is child like in some stage of their life whether or not you are learning something new or encountering a situation you have never faced etc. It is important to connect with that part of ourselves and encourage and empathize and forgive and love it the way we would any other child.

What inspired you when writing The Secret of the Seed? 

My biggest inspiration is my daughter and my hopes for the world that she will be living in. It is important to see yourself reflected in the world that you live in. It boosts confidence, self efficacy and promotes overall positive mental health. Currently, there is a huge lack of representations of same sex families in children’s developmental material. I am doing my part to bridge that gap.

When did you decide to become a writer? 
I believe becoming a writer chose me. Various events and decisions after following my instincts and facing my fears lead me here. I have be given an assignment to express these messages in my own unique way. Like the wind that is giving to an instrument. My creative expressions are the music that is being made to include writing.

When writing The Secret of the Seed did anything stand out as particularly challenging? 
The main challenge is always getting out of my own way. I got to a point where I was nitpicking at little things and I had to finally release it as it was. So that I can take the next step and just get better with time.

Be... A Coloring Journal Planner That Celebrates Living a Life of Purpose by Design (Author Interview)

Be… A Coloring Journal Planner That Celebrates Living a Life of Purpose by Design looks like a great journal planner.  What sets this one apart from others?  We incorporated a variety of elements into our Coloring Journal Planner to create something that we would absolutely LOVE to use. We have included inspiring quotes, anecdotes, beautiful coloring pages and journaling prompts to help people, “Celebrate living a life of purpose by design,” using our seven words; love, kindness, grateful, inspired, strong, genuine, and happy. Seven words that each of us can choose to BE every day.
What will readers get out of your book?    We hope to give readers a place where they can plan their schedules while recording and celebrating their accomplishments every day.  This planner is a workbook to help readers gain deeper insights into the things that make them come alive, things that they would love to have more of in their lives so that they too can live their happiest and most fulfilling lives full of purpose. And lastly, we want this journal to help others recognize the myriad of miracles that each day has to offer.

What inspired you when writing/creating Be… A Coloring Journal Planner That Celebrates Living a Life of Purpose by Design   My daughters and the children I love from around the world inspire me in everything I write and all that I do.  The world is inundated with bad news in a never ending 24/7 news cycle. It can oftentimes feel like we live in a terribly scary and hopeless world. While I know that ugly realities do exist, I also see so much goodness.  I believe that we all have the power to change the world and I want my books to be a reminder of that.  As Steve Jobs so beautifully stated, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.” 
When did you decide to become a writer?  I have always loved books and a few years ago I decided to write a book of advice for my daughters.  I wanted them to understand that we don’t always get to choose our circumstance or condition, but we do get to choose who we want to BE in the world.   I wanted them to always know that whoever they choose to "BE" in the world will come back to them; that everyone's life has challenges and being strong will help them persevere. I wanted them to understand the importance of being grateful for the life they have, to be inspired so that they can share their great passions with the world, and to realize that kindness and love are currencies more valuable than money. I wanted them to always know to be true to who they are and genuine about who that is in the world. And I wanted them to choose happiness, because it puts a special energy into the world that brings about even more joy as it spreads.  My greatest hope is to be able to inspire my daughters and others to “BE the change they wish to see.”
When writing/creating Be… A Coloring Journal Planner That Celebrates Living a Life of Purpose by Design did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   Creating this planner was a labor of love and inspiration for me.  I can’t think of one part of the process that was a challenge because it seemed truly effortless.  I love collaborating with Deborah Louise Brown, my co-creator, editor, and dear friend because we inspire one another, we both believe in the power of love and kindness and we both want to share our passions and experiences to help others live happy lives full of purpose and meaning.

Picking up the Pieces (Author Interview)

Picking up the Pieces looks like a great self-help guide.  Any plans to write additional books?
Yes, I’m glad that you mentioned that. God gave me this book title as a self-help guide to minister to people in 2017. I was sitting down putting a puzzle together and God spoke to me that he wanted to use this book as puzzle piece to help people to find healing, deliverance and renewal in their lives. I like to think of it as both a self-help book and as a religion book because its God bringing healing through the words on paper to others. There are so many people that have gone through pain in their relationships and have not fully understood the purpose of the people that they have connected with in the past. As I was writing the book, I also went through a healing process because I had experienced a lot of loss in my life and in my relationships. I do plan to write additional books as a sequel to Picking Up the Pieces in the future. The next book that I am currently working on is called, Accelerate. I have written three other books prior to Picking up the Pieces called, Hello My Name is Millennial, A More Simple Life, and The Majestical Land of Twinville.

What will readers get out of your book?    

My goal for this book is for readers to experience the true power of healing and deliverance in their walk with Jesus and to experience healing and deliverance in their relationships with others. I hope that when people read this book that they have a better understanding and meaning of why they have the relationships in their lives that they have and how to properly reach the connectors in their lives. I also pray that when people finish reading this book that they are changed. Its an interactive book so I hope that people do not see it as being just a book to read and add to their shelf but as one that you have to really sit down and write out what happened in your relationships and use the puzzle pieces to properly connect with the results.
What inspired you when writing Picking up the Pieces?    

God inspired me when I was writing Picking up the Pieces, he told me that it would touch a lot of lives and bring change to many people. He told me that even though this is a popular title it will not be as other self-help books, but it will be one that ministers to the hearts of people and evokes true change and deliverance in their lives.

How to Ace a Job Interview (Author Interview)

How to Ace a Job Interview looks like a great guide.  Any plans to release similar career related books?   

Yes, I plan to release several business books.  As a Business Professor, I see where the need is for our college students and plan to provide several more along those lines.

What will readers get out of your guide?    

Readers will learn the three types of interviews: face-to-face, telephone and video.  They will learn what to do before, during and after the interview.  They will also learn the 12 most common job interview questions and how to best answer them and 10 common job interview mistakes and how to avoid them.

What inspired you when writing How to Ace a Job Interview   

My college students inspired me to write this book.  They come with challenges and struggles they need extra help on and that has inspired me to write books or guides to help them along the way.

When did you decide to become a writer?

It has been something I have wanted to do for a while now. 

When writing How to Ace a Job Interview did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

How to make it a quick read so that I can provide a lot of information in a short amount of time.  I wanted it to be short, but impactful to the reader.

You're A Dog, Chase! (Author Interview)

“You’re a Dog, Chase!” looks like a great children’s book.  Any plans to release similar books or make it into a series?   
Yes. I have three Picture Book manuscripts for future publication. The next book will be release within the next 12-18 months.

What age group would you recommend for the book?  
The target age is 3-5 years 

What inspired you when writing “You’re a Dog, Chase!”   
I wanted to create a picture book that is humorous with a slightly moral concept hidden in the pages!

When did you decide to become a writer?

This manuscript was written 10 years ago. I have released two music CD and a Classic Soul and Motown trivia board game (Ron Robinson’s Can You Dig It!)One of the CD sold over 4,000 copies in Japan! I finally got around to pursue this project. This is the first time I got a chance to showcase my author’s skills.

When writing “You’re a Dog, Chase!” did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
Trying to get the dialogue to be entertaining while making the story engaging. 

How did you come up with the drawings and ideas in “You’re a Dog, Chase!”
The illustrations were created by Stan Jaskiel. I gave Stan a basic idea (one/two sentences) about the illustrations and he performed magic!

The narrative is engaging but the illustrations bring the story to life.

The Nigerian Brides Academy (Author Interview)

The Nigerian Brides Academy looks like a great guide for marriage.  Any plans to make this part of a series or release similar books?   
Yes, the book is actually a fore runner of a bootcamp “Finishing School For Brides” where brides can come in for two days and be transformed into virtuous women.  

The Nigerian Brides Academy – workbook when ready will be a Do-it yourself manual on how to make all round maximum impact in their marriage and relationships in 50days

What will readers get out of your guide?    
How to transform their marriage and relationships into a warm house, warm food and warm bed

What inspired you when writing The Nigerian Brides Academy   
A desire to see more ladies happily married. My husband and l have been involved with counselling and mentoring young adults especially marital counselling for over 10years.  We had discussed the possibility of starting a “Finishing School for Brides” as we perceived that there was a gap that needed to be filled.

l discussed the idea with some friends and the idea of writing the book “Nigerian Brides Academy” came up as a fore runner to a bootcamp for Brides and Brides to-be, so l wrote the framework and the topics to be covered in the book

When did you decide to become a writer?
 About 10 years ago but this is my first book on relationships and marriage
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