I Was a Teenage Know Nothing (Author Interview)


I Was a Teenage Know Nothing looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about it?

It's packed with a lot of crazy things for sure.  Everything about it is true.  Me and the M.T.C. or Movie Theater Club were hitting our lest few teenage years together back in the mid-1990's.  Most everything made its way into the book.  Struggles like being brave enough to date the beautiful young ladies of the time.  One of us came to the realization that he was homosexual.   I had a girlfriend who had been sexually abused by her stepfather.  Beer, cigarettes, drugs, partying, car races, reckless motorcycle riding, and a gnarly motorcycle crash.  You name it, its in there.  Conflicts?  Yup.  Resolutions?  Most of the time.


Any plans to turn it into a series?

It was originally going to be one big book but I decided to turn it into two.  The second book will be out in 2022.  A sequel called "I Was A Teenage Know Something."     


How were the illustrations done in I Was a Teenage Know Nothing?

They're great, right?  Well, I knew the story was good.  I also knew illustrations could only make it better.   So I searched high and low on the internet and found several artists to help out.  They will have some of their works in the sequel book as well.   I would give them an idea and they would run with it.  For example I had one image I wanted captured where I wanted to see my old motorcycle, a Yamaha Midnight Virago, turned into a character.  A physical representation.  Yamaha is a Japanese company so she needed to be Japanese.  She turned out to be something of a witch because the word Virago, back in the day, meant Banshee or evil lady of the night.  That I had a special "Midnight" version of the bike solidified the idea even more.   She's in the book wearing a black dress with gold jewelry.  A gorgeous and extremely imaginative piece.  There are over 30 well crafter images in the book.  Even some comic book style pages with panels.  Not a graphic novel.  There are so many illustrations in children's books.  Why not have some in my teenager book?



Year 2059 (Author Interview)



Year 2059 looks like an exciting story. Can you tell us a little about this alien virus?

The virus has trans-mutative abilities, capable of zombefying people.


How long did it take you to write Year 2059?

About 14 weeks.


What inspired you when writing Year 2059?

The resilience of the human condition and the will to survive come what may.


What motivated you to become a writer?

The desire to fashion out what is the semblance of truth, through storytelling.


How did you come up with the story in Year 2059?

I'd say the story quite unfolded itself along the way, given the circumstances of the world right now (the pandemic) and the possible reaction of humanity when backed into a corner.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Year 2059?

Specifics did come off as being somewhat challenging; particularly given that a futuristic theme was being dealt with.


What do you like to do when not writing?

Reading the works of great and emerging authors alike, sharpening my writing skills.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

·         Twitter: NaifAlruwaili2

·         FB: Naif Book

·         IG: Booknaif

·         Tiktok: naifbooks

       Email: Naif@naifbooks.com

       Website: www.naifbooks.com

·         Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/author?ref=dbs_G_A_C&asin=B08XKD69PK


Book Writing For Entrepreneurs (Author Interview)


Book Writing for Entrepreneurs looks like a great guide.  Can you tell us a little about it?

This book gives coaches and entrepreneurs in general a step-by-step process to write a book that increase their visibility and credibility as business leaders and also help them to connect with the right prospects.

How long did it take you to write Book Writing for Entrepreneurs?

It took me less than 40 hours of writing time to wrote  31,000 words and everyone else can do that. This is because, book writing is a creative process, and all you need is to follow a structure that connect your creativity to your fingers. A book can be written as fast as your typing speed. I explain all of this techniques in my book.


What inspired you when writing Book Writing for Entrepreneurs?   

I wrote this book because, I use to struggle to gain credibility and visibility as a coach. Immediately I published a book that promoted my brand, prospects could easily find and reach out to me through my book. This tripled my revenue in less than 90 days. I wrote this book to show other entrepreneurs how they can triple their growth by writing the right book. 


What will readers get out of your book?

Readers will learn how they can pick a book topic that will help them grow their brand, and how they write and publish in less than 90 days. They will also learn how to leverage their book to grow their following and business.


How did you come up with the story and ideas in Book Writing for Entrepreneurs?

The story and the ideas are all part of my experience as a writer and as an entrepreneur. I have been writing since 2012. However, I finally wrote a book that change my business in 2018. Since then I have helped more than 20 entrepreneurs use the same strategies to write a book that is making the difference in their business.


The Eclectic Counselor (Author Interview)



The Eclectic Counselor looks like a great book that addresses spiritual and mental health issues.  Can you tell us a little about it?

The Eclectic Counselor is a book that I wrote as a result of my life experiences as a counselor and as a Christian.  I had found that both in the church and out of the church, we all deal with the same issues and many of these issues are mental health and spiritual issues. However, as a counselor, I saw how eclectic these issues were and that there was a lack of love and understanding on how to handle these issues.  This book is a result of all that I have learned on my journey.


How long did it take you to write The Eclectic Counselor?

This book was an ongoing blog I had been posting on Facebook for several years.  I would often read my writings to my husband and he said “Honey, you should put these in a book”  So I did.  I took my writings from my Facebook page, The Eclectic Counselor, and then put them, and new writings into a book which is now available. 

I also have a website at www.TheEclecticCounselor.com where I put some writings along with other helpful information and a way to reach out to me as it is important to me to follow up with others in case, they have questions, or insights they have learned as a result of reading or spending time with The Lord.


What inspired you when writing The Eclectic Counselor?   

There have been many times in my life that suffering has hit me so hard I didn’t think I would survive.  Back in 2013 I lost my sister due to addiction, then a month later I lost my mother due to a stroke and breast cancer.  Then in 2016 I got colon cancer and a month after that; my husband got the same cancer as me.  What are the odds. Life and all the suffering were often brutal, but I never stopped having faith in God knowing that somehow, he had kept me alive through it all for a reason, or many reasons.  This book prompted me to show some of those reasons as well as counsel others to know that no matter what you endure, God is always with you and will never forsake you.


Developing a Wealthy Mindset (Author Interview)

Developing A Wealthy Mindset looks like a great book.  Any plans to turn it into a series?
Not if I can help it. Lol No but definitely a online course in the making.

How long did it take you to write Developing A Wealthy Mindset?
1 1/2 years
What inspired you when writing Developing A Wealthy Mindset?   
When someone told me there's a 70% chance that your daughter will lose all of the assets you leave her. I had to put in writing the mindset she will need in order to fall into the 30% who don't lose it.
Can you tell us a little about Developing A Wealthy Mindset?
Developing a Wealthy Mindset is about creating your foundation; It teaches how to create a new mindset in and around the world of money. After reading Developing a Wealthy Mindset, you will have the tools to do just that. Moreover, when you attend financial seminars or read other self-help books, you will have a much better chance of converting their teachings into profits. However you acquire your money, the goal here is simple: adopting a wealthy mindset that will enable you to grow your assets in a way that gives you and yours the lifestyle you desire.
What will readers get out of your book?
A wealthy mindset
Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Developing A Wealthy Mindset?
The fact that I don't come from an academic background. Writing is very difficult for me.
Can you tell us a little about yourself?
See Bio
Where can readers find out more about your work? 


Enough (Author Interview)



The book Enough looks riveting. What can readers expect from it?

Readers can expect to follow me through my journey of real, raw, unconditional self love. They can expect to laugh, cry, and cheer me on as they recognize different parts of themselves in my experiences.

How long did it take you to write Enough?

Funny story. I originally took a 6-week intensive to write the book. Then somehow it mysteriously erasied off of my computer, so I had to take another 2 months to rewrite it. I think it was fate. The 2nd version actually turned out a lot more powerful.

This cover is interesting for a memoir. What was the thought process behind it?

Freedom. With this memoir, I wanted to empower women to stand unapologetically in their truth, because only then will they truly be free. In this book, and even with the cover, I revealed all the things about myself I used to try and hide.

What inspired you when writing Enough?   

Seeing and working with sooo many women who were going through the exact challenges I have overcome. I empathized deeply with them, and really wanted to share my testimony, in hopes that they wouldn’t have to suffer in the way that I did learning things the hard way.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Enough?

Besides the devastation of losing my first project lol, I would say telling my story authentically, with all my ugly truths, as opposed to staying in the comfort of playing the victim.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Traveling. Showing my children the world, and taking time out to appreciate things like the sun, ocean, and stars.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

bmarcelo.com and @lifecoachbarb on Facebook and Instagram


Jaben's Rift (Far Land Trilogy Book 1)



Previously published as “From a Far Land, Jaben’s Rift: Book One” by G. David Walker

Jason Bennett never planned on changing the world, his own or anyone else’s.

But sometimes, plans change.

After being transported to Teleria, an extraordinary world of might and magic, Jason becomes the prize in a dangerous tug of war between the ruling Circle of Nine and one of his own ancestors from three hundred years in his past. Adding to his dilemma, his arrival also intensifies a conflict between two of the godlike Altered, one of whom is secretly aiding Jason's ancestor, violating a Covenant that has kept Teleria safe from their influence for over a millennia.
Unable to return home, Jason must learn to use power he isn't convinced he has, keep from triggering a devastating war between the Altered, and most of all…survive.

JABEN’S RIFT takes the reader on a journey of honor and deception, betrayal and self-sacrifice, as Jason tries to figure out who is telling him the truth and who only wants to use him, before Teleria’s fate is sealed forever.

How Does A Tree Becomes A Tree (Author Interview)



How Does A Tree Becomes A Tree looks like a great children’s story.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Yes. I love trees and think they have many lessons to teach us about life and the way we grow as humans so that is what I tried to show with the story. By teaching the children of today about how important trees are to our lives,, from the oxygen they give us to breathe to the fact that trees take time to grow and mature just as we  humans do, we realize how connected we really are to them. 

How were the illustrations done in How Does A Tree Becomes A Tree?

I wrote the book first then drew it about 15 different ways, because as an artist, I had a really hard time with picking the style I wanted to use. I eventually took them all and put them together with an amazing editor that helped to finally bring it all together.

What inspired you when writing How Does A Tree Becomes A Tree?    

I would like to instill a love for the wild and Mother Nature in the youth of today especially during a pivotal time in the health of our planet. A life mission of mine is to help save the forests of the world and we need the children of today to fight that battle for us by caring about the natural world!

How did you come up with the story in How Does A Tree Becomes A Tree?

I wanted to show the circle of life and I love trees as art so this was what I can up with. An easy to-digest book for young readers before bed so they can dream about tree forts, climbing trees and a realization of how ALIVE trees really are. By creating characters out of trees it makes you care about them and have empathy for them. I wanted the two main characters in this book to be the tree and the child, and that connection is what I want to share with the world.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing How Does A Tree Becomes A Tree?

I really agonized over the drawings. The book sat in my office and I revisited it many times over a 24 month period but every time I drew and re-drew and re-drew the illustrations, I didn’t like it and wanted to change it. But when COVID hit I finally had the time to sit with it and make it into a reality! The final formatting was something foreign to me that I had to learn but it feels great to have finally published it and know the process now so I feel like my next book will come to fruition in a much smoother manner.

What do you like to do when not writing?

When I am not writing I am out in the Pacific ocean in Hawaii surfing, boating, hiking the beautiful trails in the mountains, making art, hanging out with my two new kitties and my partner Meghan and dancing to the music of this beautiful life as best as I can.

Where can readers find out more about your work?


My Amazon Author Page


The Living Spring (Author Interview)


The Living Spring looks like a great book.  Can you tell us a little about it?

 I have been around water springs my whole life.  We had one up in Minnesota where we got our drinking water in the summer.  My brother-in-law and I canoed down the Current River in Missouri and saw a spring.  I related to seeing the springs and writing of my quotes.  The book is full of inspiration and ways to encounter God’s love.


How long did it take you to write The Living Spring?

I have been writing original quotes my whole life that added to the book.  It was after my brother-in- law passed away that I started to write the book and came up with the idea.  It took a few years.

What inspired you when writing The Living Spring?   

How do we describe encountering God’s Love? I found inspirations in the Bible from Jeremiah and Revelations that supported the idea of a “Living Spring.”.  As far as I know, it is one of the few books to describe the Holy Spirit as a “Living Spring”.   I was also inspired by the many people I met while driving downtown and the children that I taught while working in schools.

What will readers get out of your book?

There are some quotes and short stories that are very inspiring.  It makes for an interesting read.  They will learn more about God’s love and the ‘Living Spring”.


Live Well With Allergies (Author Interview)



Live Well with Allergies looks like an informative guide.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Live Well with Allergies is not a cure for allergies or asthma, but a way to manage so you have less symptoms.      


What inspired you to write Live Well with Allergies?   

I wanted to share my own experiences and the steps it took to get to a good place! I figured others who suffer from allergies and asthma could benefit from some of the things that I learned.  

Tell me more about your own experience with allergies and asthma.

I grew up suffering with debilitating allergies and asthma appeared as an adult.  My first encounter with asthma was when I was hiking with friends near Mount Rainier. I experienced shortness of breath, which was odd because I was in good shape and exercised daily.

After more episodes, I visited the allergist who confirmed asthma and gave me a preventive inhaler and instructed me to use it twice a day. I argued with reality, and believed that having asthma was not possible, so I ignored him. After suffering through more scary episodes, I gave in and started using my daily and emergency inhalers and in a couple of weeks, I found relief and breathing became easier, but I wasn’t out of the woods.

Still suffering with allergies and asthma, I researched possibilities beyond inhalers and through trial and error, discovered what worked and what didn’t and documented it.  Advanced planning for allergies in the home, as well as away from home, was the key to feeling better, and I’m so much better now!

Was anything particularly challenging about writing Live Well with Allergies?

I’ve written four books and each one has its challenges, because I didn’t want to leave anything out that I found helpful.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

Managing allergies is just part of my daily healthy living plan, I also eat nutrient rich foods, exercise daily, keep stress low, socialize, and stay productive. I strongly believe in a preventive approach to wellness (Integrative Medicine) as opposed to traditional medicine, which treats disease. Whenever I suffer from health-related issues, I document the details and use my own experiences to help others who are struggling and ready to make a positive change.   

In addition to writing books, I am a certified life coach and blogger, and enjoy spending time with family, friends and animals!


Where can readers find out more about your work?









Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls (Celebrate Your Body, 1)



A body-positive guide to help girls ages 8 to 12 navigate the changes of puberty

Puberty can be a difficult time for a young girl―and it’s natural not to know who (or what) to ask. Celebrate Your Body is a reassuring entry into puberty books for girls that encourages girls to face puberty with excitement and empowerment. From period care to mysterious hair in new places, this age-appropriate sex education book has the answers you’re looking for―in a way you can relate to.

Covering everything from bras to braces, this body-positive top choice in books about puberty for girls offers friendly guidance and support when you need it most. In addition to tips on managing intense feelings, making friends, and more, you’ll get advice on what to eat and how to exercise so your body is healthy, happy, and ready for the changes ahead.

  • Puberty explained―Discover what happens, when it happens, and why your body (and mind) is amazing in every way.
  • Social skills―Learn how to stand up to peer pressure, stay safe on social media, and keep the right kind of friends.
  • Self-care tips―Choose the right foods, exercises, and sleep schedule to keep your changing body at its best with advice you won’t find in other puberty books for girls.

This inclusive option in puberty books for girls is the ultimate guide to facing puberty with confidence.


Legend of the Dragon Runes (Author Interview)


Heroes of Atlantis looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about Roeg?

Roeg is one of two protagonists in the story. The other is Sephonei. Lets start with Roeg, who is an orphan boy, abandoned by his mother as a child, because she stole a powerful Dragon Rune from the Archmagus of Atlantis.

Sephonei is a Rune Hunter, pressed into service by the Archmagus to find another, more powerful Dragon Rune on the Mainland.

The book follows both stories and the only question is when do they intertwine?


Any plans to turn it into a series?

Yes. From the start, this is planned as a six-book series. The second book is called Heroes of Atlantis: Legend of the Fire Dragon and is almost complete, coming out mid 2021.

This series is written and illustrated by me, so you can bet that the amazing, legendary creatures, like Ork’s, Peryton’s and all other kinds of mythical creatures will get reimagined as I draw them.


That’s an amazing cover.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Thanks. As well as illustrating the book, I take great pride in developing my own book covers. This one in particular was tricky because I struggled to get it just right, and designed over fifteen ‘draft’ covers before landing on this one.

Everything has significance, like the moon, the nightprowl’r’s (another legendary creature in the book), Roeg’s hand, and even his broken spear. (You’ll have to read to find out why!)


What inspired you when writing Heroes of Atlantis?   

I wrote Firestone: The Dragon’s Blood Prophecy in 2018-19, and released it, and actually, the audiobook is doing quite well on audible, but, Heroes of Atlantis, is a total re-write of that series.

Firestone, was my first novel ever published and although it received really good reviews, I wasn’t happy with the story, so, I reimagined it, renamed it, and changed the entire story to be much richer.

If you like Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus, you’ll love Heroes of Atlantis. Think of Heroes of Atlantis like a mash-up between Riordan and Tolkien.


Who Knew New Words



Who Knew New Words looks like a great children’s book.  What can you tell us about it?

I believe it is a great children’s book. It breakdowns vocabulary words usually very medical.  Those terms can give any parent, caregiver, or teacher trouble simplifying on the spot.  Further, the illustrations help kids visualize the meaning of the words. But for me, the book goes beyond COVID-19 terms.  It looks at everyday words that kids hear but still cannot say exactly what it means.  Words such as disease or vaccine.  This book looks at the relationship and role of families and other social structures near and dear to kids.  It helps them to process emotions they may have felt during the early stages of the pandemic. 


How were the illustrations done in Who Knew New Words?

I had one true requirement for the illustrations of the book.  I wanted the illustrations to appear as if you were in the mind of a young child.  So the illustrations capture the emotion and imperfect manner children recount stories.  Some elements of the illustrations are more exaggerated than others.


What inspired you when writing Who Knew New Words?   

There are so many people that inspire me in general ways that contributed finishing and publishing this book.  My parents, play a major role.  They set the foundation of seeing a project through.  The inspiration for the book was different in each chapter. For instance, I wanted to highlight frontline workers in the medical field. Being a teacher myself and growing up with parents who teach; I wanted to highlight how the Coronavirus affected teachers. But beyond the Coronavirus, I wanted to touch on how instrumental teachers are in the lives and well-being of nurturing a child. I also drew inspiration from the work many of my friends do as social workers.  I am also a social worker, but since I have branched out into education, I am no longer a practicing therapist in social work.  But I wanted to pay homage to those who are very active in social work. I wanted people to know that a frontline worker is really a community worker.


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