A Dance with Murder (Kindle Books Mystery and Suspense Crime Thrillers Series Book 2)

"I really liked this book and even liked the contract justice dispensers. I recommend this read." -- Amazon Review -- It rains cats and dogs, while four evil men drink beer and munch nuts in a remote corner of the Blue Royal Bar. But it is only when two killers, soaked to the bone, descend at the same location that the trouble really starts. -- Caro is a very proficient assassin. Unfortunately she is also too hot to trot. So it should come as no surprise that when she crosses paths with a marauding gang of sexual predators, sparks will fly. -- Regrettably things don't stop there. -- This leaves Mark, the other member of the Caro and Mark Assassination Detail, standing alone in the rain. Mark doesn't like to stand alone in the rain. Away from Caro he becomes surly and despondent. What else can he do but start looking for his lost friend? Whoever gets in the way of the Bad Dog better step aside, or face the dreary consequences.

In this hard-boiled kidnapping story, urban, sophisticated killers meet their small town counterparts.


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