Forex: The Simple Strategy on Trading Currency Successfully - Step by Step Guide on Building Wealth Trading on the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex Trading, Options Trading, Investing)

Secrets for a Healthy Stream of Income from Forex Trading!



Foreign exchange trading (or forex trading) is quickly becoming a viable way for people to make money from the comfort of their own computer desk, but many do not know how to effectively participate in the trading. They just don’t seem to be able to make a profit, and some even continuously work at a loss.
This book gives a tutorial for effective forex trading from someone who has been in the game for a long time. The information is presented in a detailed, yet easy to comprehend fashion that is great for anyone willing to learn. Delve into the secrets for making your Forex trading a profitable investment for you!

Here's a Preview of What You Will Learn

* The concept of foreign exchange trading
* Fundamental Analysis
* Technical Analysis
* Trading on margin
* How to create a good trading plan

<3>This is First Edition – More Updated Editions Coming Soon!

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Comments From Other Readers

“I was frustrated with never getting anywhere in my forex trading. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels and was about to call it quits. This book laid the process out so simply for me, and now I’ve completely turned around! I cannot recommend this book enough!” – Adam S. (Louisville, USA)

“Anyone who is serious about taking their forex trading to the next level needs to read this book. The way to profitability in this market is spelled out in plain English, and this is the perfect tool for both experienced traders and those that are getting into it for the first time.” – Mark M. (Burlington, USA)

“There is a fine balance between going into detail on a subject and overwhelming the reader. This book strikes that balance perfectly. I’d only ever heard about forex trading in passing, but had never really learned about the concept. This was a fine starter kit, and I’m already seeing results from following its advice.” – Lisa R. (Syracuse, USA)


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