Before The Fall

Before The Fall there were three powers, a sacred triangle created by the Unseen Gods. A trinity, tasked to rule in perfect harmony over the Kingdom of Mythica and the Earth Realm below it.

But Lucian Lightbringer, proud and jealous in his love for a woman, cannot stand to share power with his long-time rival. When Lucian overthrows him to grab power for himself, his actions will have lasting reverberations throughout the Kingdom.

Now there is only one man who can thwart Lucian's demonic intentions and ensure the truth is kept alive - Ganor, Guardian of the Angels. If Ganor fails, both the Kingdom and Earth will bear the terrible consequences of Lucian's dark ambition...

This peek into the world of the Fallen Trilogy, takes readers back before the fall of Mythica, revealing the dramatic events that happened before Fallen Heart, Book 1 of The Fallen Trilogy.


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