Deadly Desires: Time Release

Sara Parkins, a hopeful actress, trying to land her first national commercial, meets Jason Forest, a handsome scientist, who recently moved into her building. She immediately falls for him. Shortly after, her best friend, Anna, dies of a heart attack and even the doctors are baffled. The next day another woman she meets goes into cardiac arrest and dies. The victims of massive heart attacks, male and female, otherwise in perfect health, begin to pile up, and Sara suspects these individuals are being systematically killed, but she doesn’t know why or by whom. Sara seeks Jason’s help, but begins to suspect Jason is hiding something from her. After further research of her own, she makes a startling discovery that leaves her with a difficult decision on who to trust. Not being a woman to sit still, Sara seeks answers and stumbles onto a terrorist plot to kill millions and because of her questions, puts herself directly in harm’s way.

J. Brown lives and writes in Palatine, IL. Creativity and daydreaming have always been her forte. As a child, she could give so much detail about a movie, people felt they had watched it. She believes that imagination is the gateway to a world where, unfortunately and gratefully, all things are possible; as a writer, she gets to pick and choose the outcome as she sees fit. Finding her niche, she wrote the 1st book of DEADLY DESIRES, entitled “TIME RELEASE” and has already completed the 2nd and 3rd books in the series, “THE CATWALK” and “THE DECISION.” She’s also a published short story writer.