The Duke's Courtesan

An historical erotic romance set in Regency London from Xcite Books.

Lenore Dupont is a beautiful and successful courtesan, a discreet and high-class companion to the many gentleman of Regency London. But when she is introduced to the dashing James Durham, who requires her services for a sly subterfuge, she is bowled over by his rakish good looks and gentlemanly manners, and he in turn is entranced by her ravishing and sensual French beauty. When discovers that he is not the perfect gentleman he first appeared to be, she is outraged despite her feelings for him. Even though she is a courtesan, she will be no one’s fool, not even a Duke’s. But can their love really flourish in this stiff, buttoned-up society? When long buried secrets surface and passion is powerful enough, almost anything is possible …


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