Der Soldat: The Soldier Series Book 1

In Korea, there’s a very famous serial novel website, where the book “The Soldier” was first published. Due to the creativity of the author, it became an instant hit with more than 680,000 readers. “The Soldier” is a fantasy novel with the World War II as its background. The story first generated from the question, ‘What if the world of the Wulin actually existed in real life?’ Through the authors imagination, readers are introduced to characters with supernatural powers that start to reveal their abilities when put under extreme situations and are willing to cast their lives to defend what they ought to protect.

Jackal, the main character, is a former German soldier. He’s a person of misfortune, swept up in war against his will and having to change sides multiple times. Coincidentally, Jackal meets Marie-Louise, a Jewish girl who holds an enormous secret. She holds within her the evil spirit of the Blood Demon, the most powerful martial arts wielder in history. Though the two first meet as enemies, they become allies through their fights together against the enemy. Through the heated battles, Jackal discovers that he possesses a miraculous power he never knew he had, which soon sets him in the crosshairs of the Blood Demon within Marie-Louise.

Will Jackal, who was once called the ‘War Devil’ during the WWII, be able to finally safely flee to Argentina and gain his freedom?

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