Don Miguel

Behind the destiny of every man is an invisible hand that shapes the circumstances of his life. Man can fight against that hand by way of rebellion, but it is best for him to recognize that hand and surrender early to its sway. Don Miguel is an intriguing story full of suspense, grace and redemption.
You will witness the life of a man who, from early childhood, has undergone every kind of torment and misfortune, but whom, through grace and mercy, emerged glorious and triumphant on the other side.
The series of events that mark his life spell doom, fate and failure, but it also demonstrates a song of victory, purpose, strength and peace.
This man rose from a disadvantaged heritage and background, but through renewed determination and the touch of the Almighty, made it to the top in life and in his endeavors. You will cry, sigh and weep in your journey through these pages, but ultimately, in the end, you will smile and laugh as destiny takes its course and God’s purpose prevails.

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