How to Hear God - Book 1: A Seven day guide to Hearing God

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Would you like to hear God more in your life than you do now?
Do you hear stories of people who claim to hear God and wonder if that could ever happen to you?
Are you finding your Christian life a struggle and just wish God was more intimate, more involved?
Would you like some practical advice on how you can hear God?
If you answered any of these questions ‘Yes’, then this book is for you. Its purpose is to help you learn to hear God’s voice and to encourage you to do what he tells you.
Author Ian Banner says, “I have the privilege of being part of a team that regularly travels to preach, pray and prophecy to people. This book is full of all the tips and lessons God has taught us over the past 5 years. If you follow the advice written here, based on my very practical experience, I believe anyone with a heart to be used by God can learn to hear God’s voice and learn to pray, give words of knowledge and prophecy safely and effectively for other people.”
The book covers how to hear God yourself and how to use that gifting via words of knowledge, or prophecies, in sermons, when praying for people, running meetings or leading response times in church. Chapters include :
Baby Steps in hearing God and Prophecy
What do I mean by Personal Prophecies?
Co-operating with God in your life and ministry.
How to pray with people safely.
How to develop you gifting from occasionally praying for people in small groups to calling out prophecies and words of knowledge in large meetings.
What do do when things go wrong?
Plus other blogs, books and apps you can use to help you.