Magical keys Of Life

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Magical Keys of Life: Life-Changing Book Empowers Readers to Take Action on Age-Old Adage of “I Wish I Knew Then, What I Now Know”.

Written by aspiring Cognitive Behavioral Specialist Amer Haobsh, following a life-changing conversation with his own father, ‘Magical Keys of Life’ proves that everyone already possesses everything they need to improve in their life immeasurably. Rather than dwelling on their pasts, readers are urged to use the book’s ‘keys’ to unlock each tool and take positive action to unleash their full potential.
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Riverdale, NJ – Like millions of others, Amer Haobsh once had a conversation where his father admitted his desire to live life once again, embrace a new start, and do things differently. This is when Haobsh had his epiphany; to create a resource for everyone who has at some point said, “I wish I knew then, what I now know”.

Those resources now exist in ‘Magical Keys of Life’ – a book that can help any reader recognize and deploy the pre-existing tools within them that can radically change any aspect of life for the better.


The magical keys of life are already in our package and our system from the day we are born. I am merely pointing to the values you already have and can only improve upon once you have decided to.

You are going to love these simple magical pages and inculcate them in your life to become intrinsic.

“My book will expose readers to the most obvious yet illusive facts that concern the processes of life and the decisions that we make on a daily basis. We can improve upon them without having to reprimand ourselves for not previously knowing better,” says Haobsh.

Continuing, “We are all aspiring to perform better, live with truer harmony, and seek perfection. The good news is that we can improve on ourselves hourly, daily, monthly, yearly and for the rest of our lives.”

Haobsh believes that his book answers one of life’s most dwelled upon statements.

“How many times have you said, or heard someone say, “I wish I knew then, what I now know”? It’s the most constant and consistent statement in the universe. People wish for it and long for it daily – the good news is that my book can make the “now” your best time yet.”

Early reviews for the book have been extremely positive. One reader comments, “This amazing Book describes some of the most important tools of life. Furthermore, it shows you how easy it is to improve upon any given situation. Loved it with all my heart. Can't wait for the second edition as well as the third.”

About the Author:
The author, Amer Haobsh, a Circassian Born in Jordan, was raised his entire life in the US of A. He is an aspiring Cognitive Behavioral Specialist.

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