Masters of Contemporary Fine Art (International Artists Art book)

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In Masters of Contemporary Fine Art, the first edition of an annual publication, Art Galaxie promotes and shares some of their collection of world-renowned contemporary art, with a focus on painting, sculpture, drawing, and digital art.There a range of expressive techniques on display in this book, each providing value, depicting a fascinating rhythm, and captivating diversity. Masters of Contemporary Fine Art is tailor-made for scholarly work as well, beloved by artists, collectors, galleries, art dealers, and art lovers alike. You can revel in the beauty of these artists’ work right in the comfort of your own home.

Based out of London, Art Galaxie takes part in revolutionary projects that revolve around fine art. They are known for putting out diverse mediums and collections of pieces that are complementary to one another. At the Art Galaxie platform Art Portal, you can view the works of more than two-hundred artists from all around the world. Art Galaxie is also involved in documentary films, video profiles, tutorials, and an upcoming magazine.

Masters of Contemporary Fine Art is an incredible opportunity to see what Art Galaxie is all about and to learn from the experts the joys of global art. See into the depths of these artists’ souls and in turn gain a better understand of yourself, of the human body, of the human mind, and of the whole world. This is a whirlwind of emotion and passion, bound up into one volume, enticing page after enticing page.