Succeeding in China: A guide to understanding Chinese culture

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China has been the fastest growing economy for the last 30 years, and it's still growing faster than everywhere else.

Do you want to travel, study, work, do business, or marry in China?

The average expat stays in China for less than 2 years because they can’t handle it.

I feel that happens because no one sits them down and explains to them what to expect on a daily basis.

It's time you take your place in China and make yourself a home.

The only problem is, there are many agents who want to convince you of that great job with the excellent company and high pay. In fact, they are the only ways making a lot of money, and they're doing it by selling you into employed slavery!

After you arrive, you find yourself stuck in a hotel for months, without a contract, they're holding onto your passport, and you feel scared every day about your future?

That was my experience, until I decided to stop comparing my life in America to my life in China.

I took every opportunity to learn about China, the language, the culture, and everything people don't like to talk about.

I did it so I could protect myself, and now I want to empower you.

China has a long history, and modern life in China can be a bit crazy, but it’s also a fun journey of personal growth, and every day will be a test of your resolve.

If you can make the necessary mental and emotional changes and accept these cultural differences, you'll quickly find that China can be an enjoyable place to call your home.

In this eBook, you will learn about:
- Why do they say maybe instead of giving me a straight answer?
- Unspoken rules about Chinese culture and what does and doesn’t fly.
- Why do they make me drink alcohol, I told them I didn’t want any!
- Why do Chinese people not form lines?
- Why do they spit and pee in the street?
- Why do they not show their affection?

This eBook will break down all the barriers and show you the what and why of life in China.
We will also cover these specific topics:
- Chinese History
- Collectivism vs Individualism
- Chinese Holidays
- What is daily life like for us?
- What are Chinese schools like?
- How do Chinese people do business?
- How do Chinese people eat?
- What is Chinese home and family life like?
- What else makes China interesting?
- China not only uses the Metric system, but they also have their own systemtoo!
- What is dating a Chinese person like?
- What do Chinese people do for fun?

Sean Weisbrot is an American businessman with a degree in Psychology. He is fluent in Mandarin, and has been living in China for 7 years.

He has traveled to 20 countries, and has been learning and growing his whole life, including spending 10 years helping others improve and grow themselves.

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