The Kindle Publish Launch Formula: Your Personal Escort Through The Entire Self Publishing Process

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The Kindle Publish Launch Formula


Maybe you’ve considered self-publishing your writing for a long time, but you just don’t know where to start the process.

Maybe you want to become a published author, and you’re interested in learning how to maximize your potential earnings.

Maybe you want to become a writer to create additional income, but this is your first time writing a book and you’re not sure you have the technical knowledge to publish your book online.

  • 6/27 - 7/1 the book will be free

  • 7/2 - 7/10 the book will be $0.99

  • 7/11 and beyond book will be $2.99

If any of the above apply to you, this book can help. The many options for publishing are daunting, and this book aims to simplify the process for you and provide helpful hints at each step of the process, guiding you through until your book is for sale on Amazon as a Kindle eBook! Best of all, this book emphasizes options for affordable self-publishing, with recommendations for inexpensive third party sources for necessities such as your cover page and eBook formatting.

We’ll also cover some critical topics for those of you who want to earn extra money as a writer, such as: How do you create a reader base and ensure that your book reaches the people who are most likely to buy? How do your price your book for maximum profit? How do you improve your book’s ranking on Amazon so that it gets closer to the top of the search results? In this book, you’ll learn about several effective marketing strategies for identifying and growing your reader base, pricing strategies, and information on factors that can improve your book’s Amazon Sales Rank. With the steps provided here, you’ll be able to go from the brainstorming stage, to marketing your book, to online publication on Amazon, all while building your audience (starting from 0) through specific marketing strategies outlined within.
This book will cover the following topics in detail:

·         Brainstorming

·         Selecting a Topic

·         Developing a Title

·         Creating a Disclaimer and Copyright Page

·         Marketing Strategies

·         eBook Pricing

·         Getting Positive Reviews

·         Growing Your Audience

·         Amazon Sales Rank

·         Maximizing revenue (make extra money on the side!)

·         Recommended Resources for Outsourcing Key Components (designing a cover page, proofreading the text)

This book will cheer you along with each step you take. With a clear outline of the critical components, marketing options, and step-by-step instructions specific to the Amazon Kindle process, you’ll be able to relax and write, knowing that you have the knowledge and resources you’ll need when you’re ready to publish and market your Kindle eBook.

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