Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life

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The office is a strange and relatively recent phenomenon. It doesn’t matter if your office is large or small, modern or old. Offices are full of unwritten rules on how to behave, what not to say, what to say and how to say it.

This definitely isn’t just another management text that explains how to subdue and exploit your subordinates for personal gain. It’s much better than that.

“Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life” is a travel guide that helps you to navigate your way through the hazards and opportunities of office life. We even get to share a few laughs as we unlock some new tips and insights to make our time at work happier and more rewarding.

This jam-packed, informative read contains everything from how to 'manage your manager' to taking back your personal time and dealing with tired clich├ęs and the latest buzz words.

Regardless of who we all are and what we want, understanding the office environment can help us to survive and even thrive.

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