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Dorothy’s friends often call her Dot. It’s more like a professional nick for her, as she is a very promising web designer. She could’ ve become an industry rockstar by now, but she does not really have a great ambition for career success. She’s happy to earn enough to do anything she wants. She is married to Jeff. Kelly is her best friend. She is happily single. She is often dating musicians for a short period, then moves on to find a new adventure. Jeff is an entrepreneur. His new business has just started to get bigger and he is traveling and working a lot. All he can talk about is Silicon Valley, which is not a very interesting subject for Dot. At first, when he starts traveling a lot, they sometimes have naughty talks on phone, but now, this has changed as well Jeff has no time and his mind is always busy. Something is not working in their family – sex is less fun, because Jeff is always exhausted, they don’t go out with friends and he even misses family gatherings. Kelly says something about her being almost like single again.
Dot starts to look for temporary flipside excitement online, but this is not how it ends!

About the Author

Fred Sallman has been an Author for over a decade. The LoveDotCom-Trilogy is his first Novel in the Erotic- and Romance genre. Fred graduated from Craig Air Academy in Jacksonville, Florida. Being a Pilot has given him many insights all over the world. He performed highly in different fields such as journalism, filmmaking and event organization. His dedication is what sets him apart.Fred Sallman lives in Miami Florida. Facebook: FredSallman Twitter: @fred_sallmann


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