Private School Blogger: I need my iPhone

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If you like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, you will love, "Private School Blogger: I need my iPhone." For the reluctant reader and gamer in your life. Starting a new school can be intimidating for any kid, but attending a private school is even worse. No one understands this better than Matthew Chumsley, who comes from a middle class family of 8. His family doesn’t belong to a country club, drive a fancy car or have maids to clean his house. Trying to fit in, tech loving Matthew starts an on the fly blog and gamer club that helps him to bond with his classmates through coordinated antics, hilarious riffs about school, home and gaming. In book one of the series, Matthew is determined to get rid of the healthy menu at his school cafeteria, while at the same time growing his blogger base and online gaming club. With his smart phone blazing, he orchestrates flash mobs in the cafeteria to try and bring regular kid food back into the school cafeteria.

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