Relaxing Into the Pain

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After years of offering emotional support and guidance to children, young adults, and families coping with grief and loss, Dr. Mekel Harris, a licensed psychologist, came face-to-face with her own grief, following her mother’s diagnosis with stage IV pancreatic cancer in November 2012. Just 30 days after receiving news of her mother’s devastating diagnosis, Dr. Harris’ mother died, thrusting Dr. Harris into an emotional, physical, and spiritual whirlwind. Within a brief period of time, she was forced to confront herself and others in ways she had never known. Relaxing Into the Pain offers a glimpse into Dr. Harris’ grief journey thus far, a journey filled with peaks, valleys, and spiritual crossroads. Her candid journal entries, coupled with self-reflections about her experiences, provide insights into the overwhelming nature of, as well as the beauty within, grief and loss. Most importantly, Dr. Harris’ reflections offer Christ-centered inspiration and hope to those traveling along grief’s road and challenge the reader to consider its transformative depths.

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