Self-Discipline: Spartan Discipline: Resist Temptations and Conquer Your Long-Term Goals

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Tackle Temptation with the Discipline of a Spartan!

When it comes to Self-Discipline, many things can be learn from these Ancient Warriors. Their histories, principles, and routines can all teach us a great deal about combating temptations and self-discipline.

Within Self-Discipline: Self-Discipline of a Spartan Warrior: Resist Temptations and Conquer Your Long-Term Goals it provides you with compacted chapters including:

- A Brief look into Sparta

- Principles of the Spartan Warrior

- Developing a Plan for Self-Discipline

- And much more..

With this book, you will learn exactly how the Spartans were able to focus on what is important regardless of whatever complex emotions that might be circulating through their minds. Most importantly you will learn how to apply their principles and routines in your modern life and help you conquer your long-term goals!

It’s time to transform yourself into a disciplined, successful Individual and conquer temptations!

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