Sex Guide: All About Positions and How to Make Her Happy (sex positions,sex books,sex stories,sex addict,sex guide)

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Use these Powerful Sex guide and you will learn How to Make Her Happy!

If you want to make your woman beg for more, you need to understand the way that the female mind works. There is a vast difference between what men see as sexual satisfaction and what a woman experiences as satisfaction. In this guide, I’ll show you the difference. There’s no beating around the bush. The positions suggested are those that will make her beg for bedtime and want to be in your embrace.

We have also included a section on positions and behaviors to avoid. These are seen as turn-offs for women and it is unlikely that you will gain any points in the bedroom if your behaviors fall into this category. Learn to play the role of the lover, rather than thinking about your own pleasure. Her pleasure assures your pleasure in a way that you never thought possible. Believe me, the positions detailed in this book will give you the edge.
The exact percentage of women who come out of the bedroom without having had an orgasm is higher than you may imagine and most of this is unnecessary. Men being unaware of what it takes to make a woman climax is often the cause. The positions mentioned in the book put her in control to a certain degree and to involve her in the equation will also make sex better for you.
Often men don’t take the time. They believe that making love is more of an animal instinct, whereby woman need more than that. Their needs are almost always going to be emotional and I explain just which positions will make her feel secure enough to allow her the luxury of equality in the bedroom. The male and female psyche is different. Once you understand how that works, you are in a better position to please her and to actually make her climax every time you make love. It doesn’t have to be the hit and miss affair. Lovemaking can be a wonderful experience that brings intimacy into the picture. When it does, you are much more likely to keep your woman interested and willing to try out new things. The book explains how.

Here is a Preview of what you`ll Learn...

The Male and Female Psyche
Positions That She Will Love
Positions That Allow Fantasies to Become Realities
Experimental Sexual Positions

And Much,Much More!
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