The Accidental Vigilante: The Innocent. The Evil. The Vigilant

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Being the son-in-law of a rich businessman doesn't do Jeremy Porter any favors when he gets a job as a police officer. In fact, the demoted, struggling officer is just about fed up with his department’s lackadaisical attitude toward the law.

Jeremy soon takes the law into his own hands, sneaking the files of extremely dangerous child molesters and pursuing them on his own. While not intentional, his vigilante quest results in the deaths of three molesters—all classified as homicides.

He also discovers something else, ties between the three men and a sex syndicate with Russian connections that the police aren't investigating. How can the cops claim to be keeping the streets safe when they’re manipulating data and ignoring crimes?

But as the police department puts together a task force to catch the vigilante, Jeremy knows his time is running out. To make matters worse, the crime boss is onto him, putting his family at risk. Will he be able to put the pieces together in time?

Join author Robert Sterling Hecker, police chief for the Harbor Police Department, Port of New Orleans, on the fast-paced adventure that is The Accidental Vigilante.


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