The Remorseless Enigma

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It is the height of the summer of 1938 and the madness of the Nazi movement is at its height in Germany. Jacob Goldstein as a teenager has to watch his house being burnt down and his family’s gold stolen by the Nazi’s commanded by Conrad Schweinsteiger, the Beast of Bavaria.
He spends the rest of his life trying to find the gold and to take revenge but unforeseen forces stand in his way and eventually take his identity.
In the present day, Edward “Teddy Carter” a wise ass slacker and computer expert happens upon Jacob’s story and is set off on an adventure that will change his life. He enlists the help of Jacob’s great niece Emily Goldstein. She is a crusading lawyer and the prettiest woman Teddy has ever met.
What starts out routinely takes a dangerous turn as a menacing organisation led by a shadowy mastermind hell bent on stopping them finding the gold and unearthing the secret which will rock the world to its core.
The Remorseless Enigma is Rob A W Leslie’s first novel and it is a heart pounding, fast paced rollercoaster of thrills, laughs and action.

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