The secret of selling your photos online

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When I watched people taking pictures with cameras, mobile phones, or tablets—and nowadays drones or cameras mounted on bikes and even their head—I always wondered, who is going to look at all these images? Them? Their friends? Their family? Aren’t we all afraid when the phone rings and a friend invites us over for the “ultimate slideshow of their last beach vacation”? This really made me wonder why I take pictures at all. I store them on a hard disk and almost never look at them again. But just before I wanted to sell all my camera gear, I read a blog post about selling pictures online and I thought, “Hey, let’s give it a try. Put my images to good use and make some money on the side!”
It has been an amazing journey since that day. At first I made a lot of mistakes. So many of my friends have asked me how and why I got into this business that I decided to write this step-by-step guide to help you do the same and open your own creative online business. This book will show you all the required steps, pitfalls, tools and techniques to get started right away and save your precious images from being forgotten.

So what are you waiting for ? Since you are taking photos all the time anyway you may as well make some money with it !

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