The Sorceress' Prophecy

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Kaia always knew she could do unnatural things: transform water to ice, command the wind with her bare hands, and levitate small objects for seconds at a time. But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine a whole world existed where the unnatural was natural, where magic was not only normal, but highly encouraged! She learns the hard way about that enchanted world when her mother is captured, pulling her into total chaos in the journey of trying to locate her.

Kaia soon discovers her family is involved in the Sorceress' Prophecy, a foretelling spoken by Lilith: an ancient witch whose ambitions are as ambitious as they are evil.
Kaia finds help…and even romance in an unlikely source, but the nightmare continues, for her own body starts to change into something corrupt. Will she defy fate, escaping with her life intact, or will her very soul be consumed by a preternatural darkness?