Chalk Dust: Stories

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Chalk Dust is a collection of short stories set in Portugal, with plots full of twists and turns, with real characters that display unusual traits. The stories are piercing, moving, unpredictable, and at times, touching and hilarious.

What sort of intimate secrets can an eighty-four-year-old spinster lady, who has always lived with her sisters, hide from her family?

A story that swings across four decades in the history of Portugal involves a teenager, who witnessed the sudden death of his father far away from home. He grows up as an orphan with the austerity of his uncle’s home and with the tenderness complicit of his father's former lover. As narrator, why does he tell us he was so keen on staying in an old dusty and mouldy hotel room in Aveiro overlooking the lighthouse on the estuary?

A wealthy middle-aged doctor proposes to save the assets of a friend, a businessman, who’s on the verge of bankruptcy. What sorts of twists bring to the plot a sudden metamorphosis of the proposal?

A bull that behaves like a dog quietly following its master, unaware of the power of its horns, has its tragic destiny set by the attitude and the despair of its master—a story rooted in cultural features.

On the edge of a large estate, there is a hamlet where a handicapped young man of uncertain origin lives; what underlies the tenderness and protection of the priest who looks after him?

Card players in a public garden are common. How far can a bet go? A sordid story? Spooky? Funny? Freak? A caricature?