Maya: Bring Tears of Happiness

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Elephant In The Room Humanity is now facing a mortal enemy that surpasses our own Intelligence. A tiny micro-organism, that has indeed, brought us to our knees. As the death toll mounts, our greed, over enthusiastic urge to encourage consultation, perform tests, procedures, hospitalization and addiction to antibiotic escalates at alarming rates. This book was written to share information about common symptoms and provide information to reduce anxiety and wasted consultation. Delay in consultation due to fear of cost, infection or due to false assurance offered by non medically trained people often result in devastating consequence. Maya will teach you how to use three symptom combination to help differentiate well from unwell. Dr Maya Apps, will advice user to choose the right medical professional. The content in this book provide general information. We are updating information in our App. You should not treat this book as a substitute for the medical advice offered by your doctor.