Spirit Story

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Have you ever wondered what could possibly happen after death?


A young boy from the streets gets to find out after his death in this epic fictional afterlife story.

After being being attacked by mysterious people and saved by an angel from the sky, our hero discovers he's on another planet called Other Earth in the afterlife and gets involved in a tournament named the Millennial tournament in which the winning team goes to the Promised Land above and each member obtains one wish from a mystical relic called the Silver cross, he gains two personalities and much more in this intricate and epic tale. After meeting several friends he also explores humanities biggest questions like what's the meaning of life and questions humanity's morality and aims to protest these ideals, immoral behavior in humans and social issues with the help of the music and lifestyle of Tupac Shakur aka 2Pac to empower all underdogs in society.

An entertaining morality story with excellent characters and tons of action you won't want to miss with this grand story.

Follow our hero as he overcomes his bad alter ego and partakes in the Millennial Tournament and faces new challenges ahead of him each and every turn during his journey in the afterlife and internal fight to overcome the inner evil in his heart.

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