Survyve: Daylight's Doom (Deglon Blood Book 2)

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"This book hits the ground running, drawing on the old Frankenstein trope of monsters being hunted by people. There is no fairytale to this however with the opening a grim, dark and bloody affair that sets up the novel well - this is to be taken seriously.

Drawn into hidden world through the eyes of cursed individuals, I like the way that although they seemed powerful, with magical gifts, they didn't seem too powerful. In an early scene one of the characters attempts at magic leaves her in utter failure as she is forced to kill someone she love. I won't give too much away, but it builds on the characters, making them compelling in their flaws rather than their strength."

"The story-line of this book really held my interest - many bad individuals had freaky curses and challenged the good individuals in the world. I was captivated to keep turning the pages while reading."

In a world of destruction and chaos caused by the taken—those who have been possessed by evil—young and gifted Nathan Wallace finds unexpected hope when he meets Miranda, a striking and uniquely gifted woman. They bring together a group of gifted and non-gifted alike, calling themselves Moligon warriors and fighting to restore the peace. Nathan comes to terms with being a Deglon—a very rare creature—as he learns about his origins, grapples with time travel and memory loss, and navigates a reality where he can commune with the dead. Dark secrets are revealed, long lost relatives are reunited, lovers are torn apart, and survival is the only law in this epic Fantasy.

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