The Courageous: Overcoming from Within

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When Chris DeeRoy, a young computer programmer, took his next job at a technology firm, he had no idea what he was letting himself in for. He soon finds himself swimming upstream against the raging current of a modern-day corporation, its structure and politics, just to survive.

On one side he has a power man manager to deal with, and on the other a maleficent colleague trying to make things as hard as possible. One day he overhears them discussing killing him, and he knows his battle is just about to begin...

Guided by his faith and personal strength, he tries to navigate his way through the dangerous situation. Will he find the right opportunity to get out of that toxic environment before it's too late? That remains to be seen...

Chris Deeroy reveals a deep understanding of the role of faith in human perseverance. The writing is about hope and courage; pushing through at your weakest point. Finding your path while struggling to achieve with the inspiration of faith is eloquently presented. This book is entertaining, holds the reader's interest and teaches at the same time. Deeroy has proven his understanding of the role of faith and overcoming setbacks in the pursuit of success. A must read for anyone with ambition.

-Susan Durbec