The Haunting of Evergreen:Homecoming

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Claire returns to Evergreen with the intention of restoring the three-hundred-year-old home to the grand estate that it had once been. Grandpa warns her that Charles Gunther, the malevolent entity that she encountered over the Christmas holidays, continues to inhabit the second story bedroom.

When Claire hires Cody Blackwater, the sexy handy-man that she discovered through a local newspaper, she must come to terms not only with her gift, but an unexpected relationship.

While renovating the upstairs bedrooms Claire and Cody discover that the house has been hiding a chilling secret. Even more disturbing–Claire’s eight-year-old sister has been communicating with an imaginary friend who may be more real than any of them imagined.


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Book One: Wind in the Grasses Dancing
Book Two: Whispers From the South

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The Haunting of Evergreen: Homecoming


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