The Interference of Lust: Native Peach Chronicles Book 1

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Dr. Denise Davis is on the verge of groundbreaking research. She’s driven, accomplished, and the youngest in her field to make such substantial claims. All of her life, her focus has been on being a successful Bio Scientist and making unprecedented strides in her field. Now that she is on the cusp of something extraordinary Dr. Maurice Anderson threatens all of that. Will Denise lose focus of her life’s work distracted by Maurice’s charms?

Dr. Maurice Anderson has the biggest name in Sickle Cell Research for the better part of his life. When he isn’t working, he fills the time with available women who sparked his interest. Lately, his interest has landed on the sexy and innocent Dr. Denise Davis. He knows from the onset that she isn’t as experienced as the other women he’s been with, but that does nothing to deter his interest. Will Denise let him teach her everything she’d missed with her face buried in the books?

Denise is ready for something more than work in her life, but Maurice might come with stipulations she couldn’t have theorized. Her instincts are telling her one thing, but her body is telling her another. Will the choice she makes ruin her forever?

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