The Way To Dawn: Apocryphal (The Way To Dawn LS Book 1)

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Taking place eleven years after Greyshio and Demeseus’s time, the elders of Elysium have been making preparations to thwart Derexen’s ambitions. Before their trump card is revealed and their enemy can gain anymore power from beneath them, a trap is laid in hopes to bait their nemesis.
With the aid of a chosen citizen from the light realm, in hopes of bringing a preemptive end to a growing threat, Titania must gain the trust of the enemy while extorting what she can from him in little time. But this journey proved to be more than she expected when the supposed conquering demon of the realms was not as she anticipated.
In this short tale, watch as Titania is forced to choose between betrayal and deceit while understanding where her role in this larger plot places her.

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