A Deal in the Darkness

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When he wakes up as a fox, Renard Kendrick knows something has gone horribly wrong. Even though he’s lost his memory and knows little other than his name.

Not only is he imprisoned in a body he can barely control, he’s held captive by the vixen, Adriana. Suspicious of her motives to keep him, when escape presents itself in the form of a bird named Jabbers, Renard takes it.

Determined to discover the mystery of his past, Renard takes refuge with a group of “manimals” – a village of carnivores. But Adriana’s dog soldiers are not far behind, and she is willing to go to war to retrieve her prize.

Renard must decide whether he will escape yet again or stand and fight with his new friends. Both choices are risky and Renard’s inexperience as a manimal is a liability either way.