Minimalist Budget

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Minimalist Budget-Live More and Spend Less-Get It Right!

You are about to read a book on how to simplify your life. It offers no magic bullet or hocus pocus quick fix solutions. Instead its premise is that you do not need to spend in order to be happy. That is an unfashionable opinion in the consumer driven world that we find ourselves living in today.

We are constantly assaulted with reasons why we should put our hand into our pocket or reach for that credit card that is already racked up to the hilt.

This book is intended to get you swimming against the flow of popular opinion and consumer propaganda that has gained such a hold of the modern psyche.

I could write paragraph after paragraph telling you what this book will do for you. I would rather point to what the world is doing for you at the moment. It has encouraged you to believe that debt is not only acceptable but a necessary part of modern life.

It has filled every moment of your waking day with time consuming media, administration and meaningless social commitment.

I have made all the Wrong decisions in the past with all aspects in my life. I had to step back and just STOP. Then I went into research Mode and great detail on how I needed to get back on track. From all that research i wanted to Help others in the form of this book.
This is just my first draft. I have a bunch more to Teach.

I choose to Get It Right-Now

I want to ask you to give a review for me to grow from.


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