No Fury: The Psychological Thriller All The Critics Are Raving About

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Their sophomoric prank was even too cruel for him. However, it was their despicable web of lies and deceit that caused Chancellor Fox, a man living a villainous double life, to dig in and grit his teeth, to show them all who he really is. Now Chance has one mission: murder the folks he considered family---including his wife, a prominent district attorney with a game-changing secret.

For Cleveland homicide detectives Hakeem Eubanks, an insomniac suffering from post-traumatic stress, and Aspen Sky, a temperamental spinster, the hunt is on to bait and snare a clever serial killer. One problem, though: getting caught is part of the psychopath’s ingenious plan. With the rapid pulse of a Stuart Woods novel, seasoned with supernatural activity, No Fury will keep you biting your nails until the shocking finale.