Right to Confront Her

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The two women were best friends. Robbers. Killers. Until one decided to rob her best friend and kill her. Bad decision.

Annette Ashley and her best friend Catalina Caldera set out to be stickup women. But in Middletown, Ohio, this position is already taken up by some of the most violent men in the business. When Annette’s brother is murdered because of a stolen, hi-tech device, she has to decide whether she will rob for money or kill for revenge. Catalina has her back, which means they can do both.

L-S Technologies has invented the Eblis System, a device that will surely make robbery an easier job. The system is stolen and ends up in the hands of some petty criminals. This results in a mystery for the FBI and a local homicide detective. Inevitably, they all have to confront Annette and Catalina because the stickup women want their hands on the Eblis System as well. After all, Annette’s brother was killed because of the device.

The relationship between the best friends begins to breakdown over money, mistakes, and a man. This leads to a double-crossing, and now the best friends are searching for one another. Both are ready to kill again.

˃˃˃ R. Sims is also the author of Right to an Attorney: A psychological-legal thriller that will dupe you senseless.


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