Stronger Than The Storm

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What happens when you lose everything?

Could your relationship hit rock bottom and come back stronger?

If you could rebuild your life in any way you wanted, what would you do?

Michele Laine and her family endured a storm the likes of which she'd never imagined. It left them with nothing and she wondered how they could ever survive.

In Stronger Than The Storm Michele shares the story of how she not only prevailed through her most tumultuous time of life but also how she came out stronger and more determined. Her book also comes with a Survivor's Toolkit which is packed with proven strategies and will help you:

•Create healthier habits
•Focus on passions
•Feel the fear and move forward anyway
•Prioritize yourself
•Go for your dreams

If you’ve suffered from one of life's storms, or want to be prepared for one, reinvent yourself, fulfill your dreams, get up each day with a positive outlook or discover the power of becoming your most authentic self then Stronger Than the Storm is a book you simply must read.

It will mean that you will not only survive the storm, but it will help you create the sort of long-term results which will better equip you for the next one.

Get your copy now! Take control of your life, conquer your fear and become Stronger Than the Storm.

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