Supernatural Favor

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The story of a child, Benjamin Arthur Christian, who innocently and unceasingly prays to become friends with his guardian angel. Surprisingly God grants his request. As their relationship develops the boy discovers he and his angel are somehow related, which means he could be of demonic descent as his guardian is one of the fallen angels who through fornication was partially responsible for producing a forbidden giant race known as the Nephilim; the unholy creatures which were part human and part celestial. Christian realizes that no matter how much he loves God that his soul could be in jeopardy. In his devastation he questions God for allowing this to happen. Will he turn his back on his angel? Will God be forced to destroy this fallen angels blood line? What will Christian do in his relentless pursuit of God's supernatural favor? Written as a Christian alternative to 'Harry Potter'. Be prepared to witness the unstoppable powers of God!

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