The Actor: Surviving Celebrity Gossip, Fame and Social Media

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Praise for In Their Shoes

"... very funny... with an irreverent and acerbic tone!"
"Very funny... dark and twisted in places... would definitely recommend!"
"Hilarious and dark!"
"Shocking and funny. A definite must-read!"

British actor Pat Cake is trying hard to be everybody... but himself.

Well-known character actor Pat Cake has made quite a name for himself in British crime movies. After all he has accomplished, landing the pivotal role in the new sequel, Jesus Christ Social Media Star, in London’s West End was just another feather in his cap.

For Joy Attwood this new assignment is raising the stakes. Last time out she accidentally left her subject without a job. This time, she’ll have to convince the media spotlight that she’s not providing Pat with a different kind of ‘job'!

Throughout her tumultuous day, Joy will have her fingers smashed in a car door, been on the receiving end of obnoxious and vulgar film crews and become the target of the most salacious social media backlash since [name removed on legal advice]’s incident with that gerbil and the drugs.

Joy discovers that sometimes the bright lights of the big stage aren’t quite as gleaming as you might think. As Pat helps Joy navigate the cutthroat world of acting, her biggest challenge just might come from getting too involved with the subject she’s following.

Can Joy survive the day under the watchful eye of the adoring public? Or will her anxious and shy demeanour give her up as a fool in front of thousands of people?

If you love British humor, satire and suspense (think John Cleese, Helen Fielding, Tom Sharpe, Kurt Vonnegut and Imogen Edwards-Jones) then you cannot afford to miss out on In Their Shoes - The Actor!

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