The Book Of Noah

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The Book Of Noah is a steamy, page turning, erotic adventure sure to titillate you to the boiling point! A supernatural story of sex, betrayal, revenge, and redemption.

Noah is the man every adventurous wife fantasizes about, because Noah can become any woman’s fantasy. Women searching for the ultimate forbidden sexual experience find Noah the perfect man. No matter what they want to feel, or whom they want to be with, Noah will become what they need to fulfill their deepest, darkest, desires.

But at a heavy price.

Noah hasn’t always been so erotically gifted. He used to be an unremarkable man, just back from the war in the Pacific, with a wife and a mortgage to take care of. The ability to become whatever type of man any lusting wife wanted to jump in bed with was a skill he had only recently acquired after he was removed from hell and put back on earth several decades after his death.

But Noah has a problem. He’s only on parole. If he doesn’t find, seduce, and reap the soul of each name in the black book before his deadline is up, his parole is over, and he will go straight back to hell, this time for eternity. And to make matters worse, someone is trying to stop him.

With the help of a mysterious time traveling cat who guides him, Noah is searching for the ones he must find, and working his way through the book.

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