The Society's Demon

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A teenager living alone in the brutal slums of South Africa. An ex-soldier and computer specialist grieving for his family. A brilliant young physicist acting as the spokesperson for a radical new charitable organization. The futures of all three of these people are bound by ANI, the world’s first true artificial neural intelligence, and the first computer with human emotions. With her EDAI educational programs, ANI is changing the world we live in, providing free education to any who want to learn, starting with those places most affected by grinding poverty.

When a mysterious plague kills millions of people almost overnight, those who don’t trust ANI blame her for the deaths and begin calling for her to be shut down. When Aaron Parker is sent to Johannesburg to investigate one of ANI’s many facilities, he finds a utopia, filled with those rescued from the streets and empowered to change their own lives. But what is the real cost of this bright new future, what are the consequences of creating a machine with feelings, and how was it achieved? ANI’s creator has disappeared, and now she is beyond all human control. Will humanity pay the ultimate price for a better world?

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