A Brand NEW Brand

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Have you just started a new business? Are you interested in a start-up but need assistance? Help is at hand! In this new book, specifically aimed at helping new and prospective business owners to get their businesses up and running, you’ll find all you need which are essential to helping you make money. A Brand NEW Brand – A Guided Workbook to Kick Start Your New Business is an in-depth study on successfully running a small business and comes complete with chapters on: • Brand and image • Business basics • Deciding on a budget • Finding your own niche • Social media marketing • And much more… This book is ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs and has the stated aim of making sure your business turns over a profit in its first year. Author Chase C McGee has years of experience in operating small businesses, but it was his ability to ‘crack the code’ of success which led him to write this book and share his secrets with you. Get your copy of A Brand NEW Brand today and see how the simple steps provided with, could turn your business into a success story.