Alexandria (The Sword of Agrippa Book 2)

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In Memphis, at the height of the ancient Roman Empire, a long-lost temple is discovered in an underground vault. Behind the door with arcane markings, Marcus Agrippa and his Egyptian priestess lover discover strange maps, deadly snakes, rooms filled with tablets and a ritual which will change them forever.

Fast forward to the near future and scientist Roy Swenson begins conducting dream viewing experiments in Prague, in the hope that he will finally discover dark energy.

But when another fragment of his past appears at a surprising moment, Randall discovers a new technology that allows viewers to enter their subject's dreams. And it propels him towards something completely unexpected.

Desire, ambition and greed combine, as two incongruent timelines begin to merge and their boundaries become blurred. What will it mean for two ambitious men, both seeking power they do not understand?

The future is close to the precipice and neither one knows whether they are on the side of good or evil.

Recommended for 18+ readers due to sex, violence and mature language.

FIVE STARS: "Most highly recommended" - Reader's Favorite Feb 2017

FIVE STARS: A Dystopian Sceince Fiction Masterpiece" - Book Viral

FOUR STARS: "Intense... enjoyable... fascinating." - The US Review of Books


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