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Are you a Bankruptcy Survivor or just Bankrupt? I am a Survivor and this book shares with you my journey and the lessons I learned going through bankruptcy.

How I successfully increased my credit scores and bought a new home and car with very low interest rates. I have a mortgage rate of 3.75% and only .9% on my automobile.

You will learn to understand the emotional side to bankruptcy and how to develop a plan that will set you up for a faster recovery after your bankruptcy is discharged.

There is ALWAYS HOPE. If my journey can help just one person recover faster from bankruptcy then what I endured would have been worth it.

Take action to be PROACTIVE and create the life you want after bankruptcy.

To be well informed of what to expect is to be well armed to succeed. Bankruptcy didn't Break Me! I succeeded and you can too.

You will learn:

* How to put a plan together to ensure success after Bankruptcy & recover much faster

* The steps to take to increase your credit score

* I will teach you how to qualify for a new home mortgage

* I will share with you Fact and Fiction about Bankruptcy

I have a unique perspective, because not only have I survived Bankruptcy and mastered recovery, but I also work in the mortgage industry approving loans for a home mortgage. I know the information lenders require in order to approve you for a new home loan and I can help prepare you for success.

Purchase a copy of the book today and set yourself up for success to live the life you want. Take back control of your life and credit!

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