M and the Last Hell Gate: Book Three

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Demon hunter Emma “M” Ricci’s retrieval of the stolen Yellow Mountain monastery keys in M in the Empire of the Dead almost leads to her death and arouses the fury of Baigujing, the Bone Goddess. M has no intention of risking another theft and takes the keys to New York City where she, her hellhound Blue, and a small army of warrior monks, guard them at a Chinatown antique shop, Nine Dragons.

Determined to fulfill her destiny as a warrior, M tracks and kills wendigos, a race of flesh-eating Native American demon. But her actions have unintended consequences and demonic activity accelerates as the dark tries to rebalance the light.

And Baigujing hasn’t even gotten started yet…

After attacks on her adoptive family and the ex-boyfriend she still has feelings for, M realizes she and her friends must travel to China to restore order and balance to the world. And it’s during combat exercises in Mongolia that M finds herself face-to-face with someone she never thought she’d see: her long-lost twin sister Lien.

Meanwhile, Baigujing has gathered the help she needs to open the gates of hell and unleash total destruction on the world. M and Lien unite to fight the good fight—but will it be enough to send the demon armies back to the pit?