Mysteries of the Macabre: A Short Story Collection

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For fans of Stephen King, Peter Straub and Clive Barker comes a collection like no other...Six stories and a novella whose jagged plots are sure to snake themselves into your most private space.

When fantasy meets horror, they give birth to magic terror, and a bazaar of bad dreams...Nightmares can be beautiful if a master engineers them correctly...

Serial killer Jack has a severed human head in the freezer. That head will come back to haunt him...

Zendra's own parents give her up to be sacrificed in a satanic ritual. She manages to escape, but why does everyone she sleeps with die within the hour?

Lunar eclipses are natural. But not the one witnessed by the residents of a certain town. A dark priest descends from the black skies and enacts a spectacular evil...

A terminally ill man ends his misery. But that is not the end, for his sins are in balance with his goodness, leaving God with the decision to offer him another shot at life to decide his fate. This would probably be easy if God didn't allow the Prince of Hell to be able to tempt him at full power.

The house at the top of the hill hadn't been visited since the Salem Witch Trials. So when four teenage boys decide to pay the house a visit they knew they were in for a scare. Just how much of a scare... they grossly underestimated, and they quickly learn that curiosity can kill, and houses too.

When he was a kid, Engelbert witnessed a possession in the church. Forty years later he discovers a horrific truth about what actually happened all those years ago...

Professor Lipstein finally completes his scientific masterpiece, ASMODEUS: an electromechanical robot which reroutes all data on the World Wide Web to itself. The Professor prompts it to provide the answers to age old philosophical questions such as: "Where do we come from?" and: "Is there a God"? The Professor is given a series of chilling statements... and blasphemies.

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