Running Light

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How to prepare for the fun, sun and sand of the toughest footrace on earth. Running Light will help the average runner eradicate fear, dispel the myths and ease the mental pressure associated with the world's most famous extreme running race, the Marathon Des Sables.

'Simple, Clear & Powerful! Craig Truly Provides The X-Factor For Any Extreme Challenge Preparation" - Charlie Paton - Polar Explorer

Best-selling author and mindset coach Craig Williams tackles the deep rooted fears and psychological battles each participant of the Marathon Des Sables faces and outlines powerful physical & physiological strategies to help you have your best adventure ever.

The tips and strategies outlined in this book are not restricted to the MDS, but can be employed by runners of all abilities to make better choices, train smarter, be happier and ultimately have their best race ever.

INCLUDES: Exclusive additional video and download resources along with expert interviews and more.