The Forgotten Few: My Battle With PTSD

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The story of correctional officers is one seldom told. Even more overlooked are the devastating effects life in prison can have on not only inmates, but also the men and women who risk everything to keep the system running from inside the gates. Jamie Campbell was once such an officer, and his time in prison would forever change the course of his life. In his heart wrenching memoir, The Forgotten Few, Campbell takes us through the story of his life, from prison to severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from psychiatric wards to life beyond the walls. This dark recollection of what was once a promising career - soon only a place to foster suicidal and homicidal ideations - reveals the ins and out, the ups and downs, of his time in prison, the violence he witnessed and played a part in, and the havoc it wreaked upon his psyche. The Forgotten Few paints a vivid, often disturbing picture of prison life, mental illness, and what it takes to journey out of the dark

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