The Seduction Challenge: A Sadomas novel

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Seduction is ultimately about sex, which, in turn, is about reproduction. But the four friends entering The First European Seduction Challenge are not likely to get that far. A group of guys are chosen by a master seducer to become the team to win and get the million Euros prize money. Disenchanted with online dating, dating apps and unromantic match-making, they are intrigued by the Rebirther movement, which is sponsoring the contest. The Uni Dog team is socially awkward, lacking in sexual experience and love, one’s even half chimp!

Along with their team leader, or sensei, Raymondo, they try to learn the art of seduction to become masters of love. Follow them on their strange and often hilarious international journey to become natural seducers and get selfies with beautiful women. They must examine themselves and each other to transform into the men they think they should be.

“You see, we’d all had difficult pasts, which made us all the more exceptional in different ways, as well as pretty mad.” – Carl

Don’t miss this wonderful, lively satire on the meaning of life and relationships that will keep you thinking about it long after you’ve finished. A witty narrative with wry humor that you won’t be able to put down.

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